EV Power: A Sustainable E-mobility Solution

EV Power: A Sustainable E-mobility Solution

More and more e-mobility solutions are being welcomed into modern-day lives. As electric vehicles (EV) become more in demand and more people prioritize environmental issues, the need for powerful and sustainable e-mobility solutions also increases. Fortunately, SOLUM Group has designed sustainable e-mobility solutions that will help modernize day-to-day living.

Introducing the SOLUM EV Power Module
With its proprietary topology and advanced digital control circuit, the SOLUM EV Power Module is a cutting-edge power module for electric vehicles that provides a powerful combination of performance, reliability, and consistency. It is engineered to provide maximum charging efficiency, so it can reduce the time required to charge your electric vehicle, all the while minimizing carbon emissions and more. 

What are the features of the SOLUM EV Power Module?
SOLUM EV Power Module is designed to have a high power factor, high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, and an eco-friendly impact all in one package. 

Here are some of the features you can expect from SOLUM Group's e-mobility solution:

  • Ultra-high efficiency because it can deliver 30kW to 50kW of voltage with an efficiency rating of 96%
  • Ultra-high power density that will support faster and higher power conversions
  • Ultra-low standby power with a consumption of less than 10W which results in much more significant energy savings
  • Ultra-wide output voltage range from a charging voltage of 200VDC to 1000VDC which can be adjusted and means that it can meet various voltage demands of different EV charging requirements
  • Ultra-low output ripple voltage can help protect the EV battery lifespan
  • CCS standard compatibility which ensures that it’s compatible with the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard and allows easy integration into electric vehicles
  • Complete protection and alarm function which includes features like input overvoltage protection, under-voltage warning, output overcurrent protection, as well as a short circuit protection
  • Compact form factor which is due to its high efficiency and well-cooled construction and makes it an ideal charging solution for reliable and space-saving chargers
  • RGB LED Lights for operation information
  • Built-in anti-battery reverse current protection circuit that supports Hot Swapping
  • High-temperature tolerance which allows the power module to operate at a high temperature of up to 60℃

What makes EV Power a sustainable e-mobility solution?
Electric vehicles, in general, are just a more environmentally friendly solution. Compared to cars running on gasoline or diesel, electric cars are a greener alternative that can help offset some of the negative effects on our environment.

Most electric charging stations already use renewable energy to charge EVs. However, a few still use coal, which can be harmful to the environment. Still, it has been reported that EVs powered by coal-burning power stations still lead to lower emissions. For example, in China, which is a coal-reliant country, electric cars are responsible for about 20% lower greenhouse-gas emissions.

EVs also don’t continuously contribute to air pollution, unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. A typical gasoline-powered passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Meanwhile, EVs have no tailpipe emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

The SOLUM EV Charging Module is the next-generation power module that can help power up your electric cars. With this e-mobility technology, you can have an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution in this modern era.

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