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Partner With Us.

Join SOLUM's partnership program, where quality meets capability, experience meets excellence, and your success meets ours.

We aim to partner with experts in their industry – tech-forward business leaders who prioritize innovation and quality, and companies with a proven track record of successful sales. However, our ideal partners should also share our work ethic and vision.

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Why Partner with SOLUM?

SOLUM collaborates with many of the world’s leading retail brands and has built a global reputation by providing over 100 million tags to over 8,000 stores in 35+ countries.

As an industry leader, SOLUM has pioneered e-paper, e-ink, LED blinking (among others) in the ESL field. We are committed to discovering new and exciting features that improve user functionality and drive growth for our clients.

By partnering with the best, you can reap the benefits.

SOLUM's partnership program is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality by working with top-tier organizations. Our stringent partner selection criteria ensure that we only work with partners who can meet our high standards, enabling us to deliver exceptional service and solutions to our clients.

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Who our partners are

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What criteria do you need to meet to be a SOLUM partner?

We seek to work with only the best to preserve SOLUM’s high standards of quality. Generally, we look for leading organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Capability to provide nationwide on-site service.

  • Capability to handle servicing for both software and hardware of SOLUM ESLs.

  • Willingness to undergo education and training for SOLUM solutions.

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  • Has at least 5 years of experience in the retail service sector.

  • Positive feedback from current/previous retail customers.

  • Provides services at a reasonable price while maintaining sustainability.

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