The Perfect Technology to Digitalize Pet Stores

Key to Optimized Logistics Operations

A dynamic and intuitive replacement for paper-based ones. ESL can do more and offer more than paper shelf labels, creating a much more efficient workflow for your warehouse.

Troubled with
manual process?

Warehouse operations involve manual processes that may include critical steps such as order picking and labeling.

Manually-driven processes such as updating and installing labels for products, racks, and bins are susceptible to human error, resulting in inventory inaccuracies that can compromise your relationships with partners and customers..

Too many processes involving critical manual-labor tasks
Too many time-consuming tasks that cause overtime and employee burnout
Inefficient inventory management methods
New employees getting lost in the facility

If yes, put an end to paper labels with ESL!

Introducing a innovative, and more efficient warehouse ESL solution.

An innovation to automate

Product location tracking

Order picking process

A digital map for

all your items

The capability to locate all items on a digital map. Even inside large distribution centers, workers can see the locations of all items on their list

Reduced Human Error

Reduced human error because of accurate monitoring and management of inventories, big data analysis, and a host of other applications.

Technology-Driven Workforce

Equip your staff with the latest in retail technology, allowing them to focus on improving their skills and working more efficiently.

ESL Made for Industrial 4.0

With electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, your productionmanager and staff can spend less time worrying about doing manual and repetitive processes perfectly – and more time focusing on improving productivity.

Fast Data Update Speed

Our industrial-specific labels guarantee a data update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Replenishment request from a shelf to the backend system is only a matter of seconds.

Reduced Human Errors

Equipped with NFC, programmable buttons, and 7-Color LED for a superior interactive experience for your staff.

Easy System Integration

Our ESL system covers integrations with different APIs and facility mapping databases as an RF-based electronic shelf label, allowing for fast and flexible implementation

Take your business to the next level.

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