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Time to modernize your store

A device to modernize your furniture shop is now here! SOLUM’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are designed to bridge and hasten communication between shoppers and staff, so customers immediately receive any furniture shopping assistance that they might need.

Overwhelmed with
manual price updates?

With a variety of furniture types and brands to sell within a usually large facility, managing a furniture shop is never easy.
Store operation concerns involve training staff about the product specifications of the products for sale, keeping updated with home decoration trends to know which furniture to highlight, and updating price labels based on promos and the law of supply and demand.

Customers often grew tired of searching or waiting for a staff to assist them
Lack of space in paper shelf labels to show all product information
Work hours and manpower wasted on manually replacing shelf labels
Insufficient means to digitally monitor all products, shelves, and inventory

If yes, it’s time to fit your store with ESL!

Enhance furniture shopping experience with ESL designed for furniture stores

Digitize your

product promotion

Speedy and effective


With Newton’s fast communication speed, you no longer have to spend hours manually replacing labels across the whole furniture shop.

All the information

with 7 pages of space

The 7-page e-paper display allows you to show all the necessary information regarding the furniture displayed, from brand, price, dimensions, materials used, and place of origin.

Happy customers

Higher sales

Being by your customer’s side at the press of a button enhances customer satisfaction and improves business reviews, which can lead to better store traffic and higher sales.

Payments without hassle

and without risk

The NFC-Tapping technology can make way for omni channel fulfillment that can give customers a cutting-edge furniture shopping experience.

Promote Your Products Smarter

With our ESLs, your store managers and staff can provide better customer service while you maintain full control over your product prices and inventory!

Fast Data Update Speed

Achieve update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Prices and product information can be digitally uploaded on the screens instead of manually replacing paper shelf labels across your whole furniture shop.

Location-based Services

Whether it’s to locate your customers who call for service help within the store or help them find the specific products they need using a digital map, digital labels can help you improve your customers’ experience.

Interactive Digital Shelf Label

Our ESLs have two programmable buttons that can be configured to notify any nearby staff if your customers need any assistance with the furniture.

NFC-Tapping Technology

NFC tapping is a more efficient way for your customers to shop. By placing the labels in product displays, your customers can use their smartphone to learn more about a product that catches their interest.

Take your business to the next level.

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