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A complete car dealership solution

At long last! The best ESL that lets you manage your Car Dealer Store’s pricing, accurately analyze your inventory, and highlight the most cutting-edge of your car’s characteristics is now within your reach! For car dealer retailers, electronic shelf labels can fuel your business to be better at steering its wheel.

Difficulty in
showcasing car specifications?

Let's face it: public transportation is not the   best option due to safety concerns in the   world today. The number of individuals   wanting to purchase cars is rising to get   around.
This means your car dealer must make its   operations more competent and more   efficient and improve the ambiance of its   facilities to meet customer demands.

Manually monitoring the inventory of your cars and accessories
Identifying the variants of each car you sell
Updating the price and information of your cars and accessories
Showcasing car features and specifications to your potential buyers

If yes, integrate power and intelligence in your business with SOLUM!

Rebuild your dealership with

smart labels

Manage Demands Smarter

Monitor innventory real-time

Monitor the stock levels of cars to avoid stock-outs and implement replenishments when necessary.

Wow! Dynamic pricing

to boost your sales.

Implement dynamic pricing during a specific quarter or month, especially for in-demand cars to improve profits.

Feel the tech!

Share virtual world.

Equip your salespeople with the latest retail display technology, allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Automated Pricing

More time to serve customers.

Automate your pricing processes to give your sales team more time to provide customer needs and ensure accurate product information at all times.

Drive Your Business to Success

With ESL, your salespeople can now increase the efficiency of your car dealing store’s processes. You can centrally manage your car dealer store—from digitizing information displays to getting real-time car inventory insights—no matter how many branches you have.

Persuade Potential Buyers

With this ESL, you can display all the information about your cars by showing images and videos. You can also use Newton to announce special sales and discounts.

Keeps You Ahead of Competition

The car dealer industry is highly competitive, and you can maximize our label’s customizability so your cars will stand out.

Display Car Specifications

From car specifications to user guides, your car dealer store can showcase all the capabilities of your cars using a combination of ESLs and digital signages.

Take your business to the next level.

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