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Introducing SOLUM Lighting’s revolutionary Solar Street Lights—our innovative solution that harnesses the power of the sun, storing it in a high-performance battery without the need for costly AC power. This makes it an ideal choice for areas where traditional streetlights are impractical due to high installation costs or lack of power infrastructure.

Our Solar Street Lights offer significant economic benefits, making them a cost-effective lighting solution. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly since it uses renewable and pollution-free energy sources. Our system consists of a powerful 170W PV module, a Li-Ion battery, MPPT, and charge/light controller, and efficient LED lighting.


Automatic On/Off

Programmable Time Dimming

Intelligent Power Control

Premium Quality Components


Advanced MPPT Technology

Intelligent Battery Management

Customizable LID Applied Lens

IP65-Rated Enclosure

Eco-friendly Lighting for Every Community

In addition to being cost-effective and eco-friendly, SOLUM Solar Street Lights are also highly reliable and low-maintenance, with long-lasting battery life and efficient LED lighting technology. They also offer programmable features and automatic on/off functions, making them easy to operate and maintain.

The versatility of our solar-powered street lights makes them an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications, from residential streets and parking lots to highways, bike paths, and public parks. With their numerous advantages, solar-powered streetlights are a smart, sustainable, and practical choice for organizations and communities looking to provide safe, reliable, and efficient outdoor lighting.

Remote Areas

Many remote rural areas around the world do not have access to electricity. In these areas, traditional street lighting solutions that rely on grid-connected electricity can be expensive and impractical, making solar-powered street lights an ideal solution. SOLUM Solar Street Lights can operate independently of the power grid, using energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide reliable lighting at night. This makes them an excellent option for remote areas without access to electricity, where they can help improve the safety and security of residents.

Urbanized Cities

In highly-congested urban areas, traditional street lighting solutions can be difficult to install due to the high density of buildings and infrastructure. SOLUM Solar Street Lights, on the other hand, can be installed easily and quickly, without the need for extensive construction work or connection to the power grid. Additionally, solar-powered streetlights can still work and illuminate the city premises even if there is a city-wide power loss, keeping citizens safe at night.

Public Parks

Solar-powered street lights can also improve safety and security in public parks by providing reliable and efficient lighting for park users, particularly in areas that may be dimly lit or difficult to access. And because solar-powered streetlights do not require aboveground electric wirings to power them, they can be installed even in areas of the park that have dense tree branches. This can help increase park usage and encourage more people to visit and enjoy the park, improving community engagement and overall quality of life.

Top-of-the-Line Features for Outdoor Lighting

Automatic On/Off

One of the most important features of SOLUM Street Lights is their automatic on/off functionality, which turns the lights on and off according to changes in the surrounding environment. This ensures that the lights are only on when they are needed, helping to conserve energy and prolong the life of the battery.

Intelligent Battery Management System

The Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) in SOLUM Solar Street Lights is designed to optimize the performance and lifespan of the Li-ion battery. By preventing overcharging and over-discharging, the BMS ensures that the battery is always operating within safe parameters, which reduces the risk of damage or failure. This feature also allows the battery to operate at maximum efficiency, ensuring that the lights can provide reliable and consistent illumination throughout the night.

Programmable Time Dimming

SOLUM Street Lights also feature programmable time dimming, which allows the lights to automatically adjust their brightness based on the time of day. This is especially useful in areas with a high volume of foot traffic, as the lights can be dimmed down during off-peak hours to save energy.

Customizable LID Applied Lens

SOLUM Solar Street Lights are equipped with a customizable LID (Luminous Intensity Distribution) applied lens. This feature ensures that the lights are able to illuminate the surrounding area effectively while minimizing light pollution. The LID applied lens technology also provides the flexibility to adjust the lighting intensity and direction as needed, making it easy to customize the lighting solution to meet the specific needs of each location. By using this technology, SOLUM Solar Street Lights are able to provide optimal lighting coverage while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Intelligent Power Control

Equipped with intelligent power control, SOLUM Street Lights is capable of conserving its own battery life by dimming the lights when the battery capacity falls below a certain threshold. This ensures that the lights remain operational for as long as possible, even in areas with limited sunlight.

IP65-Rated Enclosure

SOLUM Street Lights have an IP65-rated waterproof enclosure that shields them against rain and dust, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Their robust build and cutting-edge features make them a dependable and budget-friendly option for illuminating streets, sidewalks, parks, and other busy outdoor areas at night.

Premium Quality Components

We built our SOLUM Street Lights with durability in mind, using parts made by Samsung, one of the world’s most trusted electronics corporations. We constructed our solar-powered streetlights using premium quality components, including high-quality SAMSUNG LED lights and a SAMSUNG SDI Li-ion battery.

Advanced MPPT Technology

The advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology in SOLUM Solar Street Lights is designed to improve the charging efficiency of the lights. MPPT technology uses a specialized charging method that adjusts the voltage and current levels of the solar panels to optimize power output, even in low light or bad weather conditions. This allows our streetlights to deliver reliable and consistent lighting performance, even in challenging environments.

Bright Benefits of SOLUM Solar Street Lights


SOLUM Solar Street Lights are a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for costly AC power and wiring, reducing installation and maintenance costs, while providing reliable and efficient lighting.


Powered by renewable solar energy, SOLUM Solar Street Lights help preserve the environment by reducing carbon emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, making it an ideal lighting solution for environmentally conscious organizations.


SOLUM Solar Street Lights are designed with advanced MPPT technology, intelligent battery management, and customizable LID applied lens, providing superior lighting performance even in the harshest outdoor environments.costs, while providing reliable and efficient lighting.

Easy to Install

SOLUM Solar Street Lights require no wiring or AC power, making them easy to install and relocate as needed, while their programmable features and automatic on/off function make them easy to use and maintain.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience in the lighting industry, Retail Lights has an in-depth understanding of retail lighting needs and can provide expert guidance and support to retailers looking to improve their lighting solutions.

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