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Total Worker and Asset Tracking Solution

Durable, tough, and built to last - SOLUM Industrial Tracker is a specialized GPS tracker made for various applications in the industrial environment. Using LoRa network technology, SOLUM Industrial Tracker provides real-time and accurate location tracking of workers, assets, and equipment across warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.

Leverage its built-in sensors to know when workers come too close to dangerous equipment and send alerts to others. By fitting these devices on workers’ helmets, you can keep track of them while optimizing workflows, improving safety, and more.


LoRa Connectivity

Multi-GNSS Motion Sensor

Deployable Cloud Software

GPS Tracker

Real Time Location Tracking for Any Industrial Environment

By combining LoRa with major GNSS standards, SOLUM Industrial Tracker ensures a consistent and precise location data transmission throughout the site, even in areas where signals can be weaker, enabling you to see where your people and things are at an instant.

The bright indicators on the SOLUM Industrial Tracker easily let others know the battery and communication status of your workers at all times. The sensor on the SOLUM Industrial Tracker is fitted with a loud alarm that goes off in case of close proximity to danger zones and blindspots, boosting workplace productivity and safety at once.

Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants

Instantly locate workers and assets to improve visibility and achieve more efficient production workflow.

Construction Sites

Take advantage of geofencing to mark safe areas and prevent unauthorized usage of equipment and theft.Instantly locate workers and assets to improve visibility and achieve more efficient production workflow.

Oil and Gas

Use SOLUM Industrial Tracker’s motion detector and real-time location tracking capability to get instant alerts and quickly respond to emergencies.

Full Remote Access Using Cloud WTS Software


SOLUM Industrial Tracker uses a cloud Worker Tracker System (WTS) platform from Samsung for a total location personnel tracking solution. This combine’s SOLUM’s compact hardware with Samsung’s on-demand and accessible dashboard - leading to unprecedented visibility across any industrial environment.

With this cloud software, you will be able to take advantage of geofencing, allowing for automatic safety incident alerts, and collect time and attendance data in real-time - all of which can be viewed through a central dashboard

On-Demand Service
Select only the necessary solution for a specific period.

Consistent Data Sharing
All data stored in the cloud can be monitored by owners, contractors, and field workers for maximum visibility.

Real-Time Monitoring System
Automate worker time and attendance across sites and streamline accident reporting and site safety compliance process.


SOLUM Industrial Tracker is IP67 certified for usage in
harsh conditions and can work across a wide
temperature range.

Solum Industrial Tracker
Brand A
Brand B

Wider Coverage

Using an isolated LoRa network, SOLUM Industrial
Tracker allows for accurate location tracking that can
reach distances of up to 5 kilometers.

Solum Industrial Tracker
5 km
Brand A
100 m
Brand B
50 m

Longer Battery Life

Compared to other trackers that require constant connection to cellular networks, SOLUM Industrial Tracker utilizes the LoRa network that translates to up to 1 year of battery life with one GPS location per hour.

Solum Industrial Tracker
1 year
Brand A
6 months
Brand B
3 months

Automate and Improve Your Attendance and Safety Protocols With the SOLUM Industrial Tracker.

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