Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring

In today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyle, people often forget the importance of clean air and the benefits of air quality monitoring.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost the entire population all over the world (99%) breathes unhealthy air. In over 6,000 cities, people are breathing harmful levels of fine particles, microplastics, and nitrogen dioxide. This is why the need to check air quality becomes more and more essential every day. It’s also one of the reasons why SOLUM experts have developed a smart air quality monitoring system known as the SOLUM Roommate.

What are the benefits of air quality monitoring?

To know how to improve air quality
Monitoring the air quality gives people a chance to know how to improve it. They’ll be able to determine which areas have poor air quality if there are any extremely harmful gases present, and more. This is helpful for those with already fragile health or respiratory diseases, people who travel a lot to different places, or people who work at various offices or sites. With a reliable air quality monitor, it’s easy to stay safe and healthy.

To detect toxins and pollutants
One of the benefits of air quality monitoring includes the detection of toxins. Toxic air pollutants include hydrogen chloride, benzene, or toluene. Compounds like asbestos, cadmium, or mercury can also be found in the air. Too much exposure to these toxins and pollutants can lead to several health risks, such as cancer, birth defects, damage to the brain or nervous system, lung complications, and more. Being able to detect these toxins and prevent people from being exposed is one of the benefits of air quality monitoring.

To stay compliant with regulations
Air quality monitors also help businesses and establishments stay compliant with laws and regulations. Corporate offices, factories, restaurants, spas, bars, and more have the responsibility to ensure safe, quality air. Monitoring the air helps these establishments keep their environment safe, not only for the customers but for their own employees as well.

How can SOLUM Roommate help?

SOLUM Roommate is a smart air quality monitor that can give you the full benefits of air quality monitoring. It only needs to be plugged into any outlet. Once plugged in, it will be able to detect any pollutants within any indoor environment, as well as manage the temperature, cleanliness, and moisture content. This is the smarter way to get cleaner and better air. This innovative device can help keep you safe and healthy even when you’re at home, at a hotel, at a restaurant, at school, or at your workplace.

Here’s how SOLUM Roommate can help you monitor the quality of the air around you:

  • Downloadable app - The device can be connected to an app that can help you easily manage and analyze findings. The app will show necessary data such as air quality, temperature, humidity level, discomfort index, outside weather, as well as other air components or possible pollutants.
  • Air quality monitoring and measuring - The SOLUM Roommate is designed to measure the air quality of any indoor establishment. It will monitor the area for toxins, pollutants, harmful gases, flammable substances, and more.
  • Built-in motion detector - This feature will automatically trigger the LED light of the device and help keep hallways or your bedside illuminated.
  • LED indicators - The SOLUM Roommate has the ability to flash blue, purple, or red depending on the findings of the sensor. The LED indicator will flash red to warn you that the air quality is poor and that immediate action is needed.
  • Energy efficiency - Unlike other air quality monitors, SOLUM Roommate consumes little power, at a rate of 25 watts per month. You can take advantage of this and use it at your house, your workplace, or more. If you use it for your business, it also won’t cost you as much as other appliances.

SOLUM Roommate is a handy device for everyone. With a smart air quality monitor like this, you can trust that you’ll be able to breathe clean air wherever you go.

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