Accessory and Jewelry Shop

Glam up your store operations with ESL

Upscale your accessory and jewelry store’s signage and revamp your store operations with electronic shelf labels from SOLUM.

Difficulty in managing
customer demands?

No matter what a person’s style is, they will always want to complete their look with jewelry or a few accessories. Some people may like something simple, others may want something chunky and extravagant.

If you own such an establishment, you might find it increasingly difficult to keep up with customer demand while providing a good shopping experience as well. Have you noticed the following problems in your store?

Store signage is limited by space and resources
Lack of product information losing customers' interest
Due to manual tracking of stocks, reports are inaccurate
Loss of revenue and profit due to ill-timed pricing strategies

If yes, automate your store with ESL for more efficient operations!

A tailored solution boosts your sales


Reinvent your store by

optimizing price updates

managing your stock efficiently

efficiently improving daily operations

Stock out?

Manage store inventory

Easily manage the inventory of all the jewelry and accessories in your store

Avail discount

on latest products

Easily manage the inventory of all the jewelry and accessories in your store

Informative store

visuals in modern way

Provide beautiful and informative store visuals in an appealing, sleek, and modern way.

Less time with tasks

more with customers

Reduce the time your staff spent on difficult tasks give them more time to spend on providing good customer service.

Shift to Digital Retail Faster

With the digital labels from SOLUM, your store staff are better equipped to run the store and help customers find the products that they need.

More Informative Signage

Replace static, paper store signage with digital tags that can show more product information right where customers are browsing the shelves.

Automated Inventory Management

With the server connection, this means that every ESL update has a digital record that can easily be found by staff for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Expanded Display Capability

Newton labels can display up to 7 pages that you can use to display product ingredients, applications, demos, and more.

LED Indicators

The LED colors can be configured to provide specific alerts that employees can recognize so they can take action without asking what needs to be done

Take you business to the next level.

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