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Stay Powered wherever you are.

SOLUM Chargers are our product line-up of compact, fast charging chargers for mobile devices. Engineered and designed with portability, safety, and compatibility in mind, SOLUM Chargers provide optimal charging experience in a travel-ready package.

The components - IC, ultra-compact transformer, and casing - are designed and manufactured in-house using SOLUM’s automated manufacturing technologies and quality assurance process.

This ensures to get any mobile device back to 100% battery level at lightning speed, while also achieving a size that is compact than other mobile adapters in the market.

It’s also equipped with SOLUM’s patented radiant heat dissipation structure for efficient cooling, and built-in protection systems that adjust the output power automatically depending on the battery percentage of the device and environment temperature.

SOLUM Chargers are designed to provide
an efficient charging experience.

Discover the Slimmest Travel Adapter
Cutting-edge slim charger that fits in your pocket

Ultra-slim, unmatched fast charging speed, and universally compatible - that is SOLUM’s Slim Charger series. Built to adapt to the current mobile design trend, our Slim Charger is considered the world’s slimmest travel adapter, thanks to SOLUM’s in-house engineering expertise.


Fast Charging

Safety Guaranteed

Ultra-Slim Design

As easy to carry as a pencil

Travel Light

Whether you’re going out of town or just around the city, you can slip SOLUM Slim Charger anywhere you want so you can move around bulk-free.
Low Defected Rate

Discreet Charging, Anywhere

Get your device’s battery life from 0 to 100% while you are in the office, library, hotel, or restaurant.

Customization For Any Occasion

SOLUM offers customization service for bulk orders, corporate giveaways, and resellers!


Speed and efficiency

SOLUM’s Quick Charger takes fast charging to another level. 

Meet the most efficient, safest, and powerful mobile adapter with SOLUM’s Quick Charger. Built with performance, safety, and portability in mind, Quick Chargers are designed for fast, safe, and efficient charging of mobile devices and tablets of any form and kind.


Fast Charging

Supports PPS

Premium Travel-Ready Design

Charge at Lightning Speed

Spend less time waiting and more time doing with your mobile device, thanks to SOLUM Quick Charger’s fast charging capability.

Charge up to 50%
in 30 minutes

Charge Multiple Devices at Once

SOLUM Quick Charger’s multiple ports allow you to charge up more than one device at a time.

For Home and For Work
Charge your device safely while you’re doing household chores. Plug it in in your office when you need to get your device up and running

Premium Mobile Chargers To Match Your Business Needs

Through our global manufacturing infrastructure, and years of relentless research and experience in supplying mobile adapters to the world’s greatest mobile device manufacturers, carriers, and set makers, SOLUM is capable of manufacturing mobile chargers on a large scale to meet your business’s unique needs and requirements.

SOLUM offers discounts, specialized logistics, and shipping for corporate and bulk orders. Through our own manufacturing facilities, we can add your custom branding and design to the chargers. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

Why Choose SOLUM Charger?

Industry's smallest travel adapter design implementation through the merged integrated circuit (specialized IC) and optimal MLB Trans design.

Proprietary specialized IC design allows for maximized parts reduction, easy customization, and faster response to market trends.

Quality stabilization through optimal production automation.

Global manufacturing facilities are capable of producing more than 60 million units per year.

Keep your gadgets charged and connected.

Quick and efficient charging that comes in a modern design.

Take your business to the next level.

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