Cafe and Bakery Business

All-in-one Store Solution

Discover the most advance ESL to manage your product prices, accurately identify your stock levels, and monitor the shelf life of every coffee, tea and pastry you sell!

Don’t have
right mix of tools ?

Running a café and bakery business is as challenging as finding the perfect blend of a tasty coffee or cake.

Without the right mix of tools and platforms, several issues can impact the efficiency of your store managers, chefs, and baristas and this can ultimately make your café and bakery business stale and stagnant.

Manual and time-consuming price labeling.
Inability to apply special discounts on complementary products and expiring goods.
Outdated & inefficient product management tools

If yes, switch and get your store digitized

A complete, intuitive, and easy to deploy

ESL solution for cafés and bakeries.

A perfect blend of

digitizing price labels

digitizing price labels

Manage the shelf life

Boost your sales with

dynamic pricing

Implement dynamic pricing during specific times of the day and discounts for special items, resulting in improved profits.

Caution : Latest Tech !

we got you covered

Equip your baristas with the latest retail technology, allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Get the hold of

contactless payment

Give your patrons new and safer ways to pay for their orders using contactless payment powered by NFC technology.

Pricing automation

is all you need

Automate your pricing processes to give your staff more time for the customers and ensure accurate product information at all times.

Next-Level ESL Features

With ESLs from SOLUM, your café managers and baristas can spend less time worrying about monitoring shelf life, managing stock levels, and displaying the correct prices – and more time serving hot lattes and waffles.

Quick Deployment

Newton Grocery Package is specially designed for ease of implementation and digitizing your operations as quickly as possible.

Interactive and Modern

SOLUM ESLs have a sleek and modern aesthetic for grocery’s decor. They’re equipped with NFC, 7-Color LED, etc for a superior interactive experience.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Train your staff in less time with Aims X. An easy and intuitive mobile app, makes it easier for your staff to manage the ESLs and utilize special features.

Take your business to the next level.

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