Reliable and efficient lighting solution for your industrial spaces

Lighting that works as hard as you do

Industrial Lights is SOLUM Lighting’s advanced lighting solution consisting of HighBay LED lights designed for high efficiency and multi-functional use in industrial and indoor applications. With a wide range of wattages and various control options like multi-sensor, ZigBee, and DALI, it offers exceptional efficiency of up to 143 lumens per watt (lm/W).

The HighBay series features two beam angles of 55 and 90 degrees, providing high uniformity and intensity to fulfill different lighting needs. With its superior performance and advanced controls, Industrial Lights is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, energy-efficient lighting solution for industrial and indoor spaces.

Suitable replacement for MH 250W~400W conventional lights

Adjustable light position for easy customization

Available in CCT (correlated color temperature) of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K

Compatible with various installation methods including suspension, stem, surface, and wall mount

Equipped with flicker-free driver for a more comfortable lighting experience

IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, and IK08 rating for impact resistance

Smart control function

On/Off function using in-house sensor

Dimming control using radar sensor

Power consumption monitor

Fault detection

Your workspace can be brighter

The SOLUM HighBay LED lights, or SHB series, feature high efficiency, multi-functional usage suitable for industrial settings and indoor applications with a diverse selection of wattages. This means you have bright and efficient lighting solutions to help you work better, improve your workplace conditions, increase overall productivity, and more.


Good industrial lighting, such as the SHB, can provide clear and bright illumination in all areas of a warehouse. This leads to increased visibility and better productivity. Good LED lighting conditions also reduce errors and mistakes, prevent accidents, and enhance the security. Moreover, the In-house Sensor also means lower energy costs for the warehouse, saving money over the long term.


The HighBay LED lights can help ensure that factories comply with these regulations and avoid any potential legal issues. Better lighting, along with the Fault detection or Power Consumption Monitor will allow factory workers to safely navigate and work around the space. The Smart Control Function and Dimming Function can also be used to adjust and control lights easily throughout the day.


The SHB is also essential for creating a safe, comfortable, and inviting gym environment. The flicker-free driver can enhance the ambiance and create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the gym. Staff and trainers will also have an easier time monitoring and supervising gym-goers. Smoother maintenance can also be expected, as well as lower energy consumption.

See clearly, work confidently with these features

Suitable replacement for MH 250W~400W conventional lights

The HighBay LED lights are a suitable replacement for conventional metal halide (MH) lights that have a wattage range of 250W to 400W. This means that our LED lights can provide the same level of brightness while using less energy, resulting in cost savings and energy efficiency.

Smart control function

Our smart control function also allows for remote control and monitoring of the lights. This feature enables the lights to be easily adjusted to meet changing lighting requirements, resulting in better energy efficiency and cost savings.

Adjustable light position for easy customization

Our lights allow for easy customization of the lighting angle and direction. This adjustable light position feature makes it possible to direct the light where it is needed most, enhancing the visibility and safety of the work area.

On/Off function using in-house sensor

With an in-house sensor, the SOLUM Industrial Lights can detect the presence or absence of movement in the area. This feature ensures that the lights are only on when they are needed, resulting in further energy savings.

Available in CCT of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K

Available in four different CCT (correlated color temperature) options, SOLUM Industrial Lights can provide flexibility in selecting the right lighting temperature for the specific industrial environment. The CCT options range from warm white to cool white, offering different lighting effects to suit various applications.

Dimming control using radar sensor

Our LED industrial lights also have a dimming control function using a radar sensor, which allows for further energy savings and customization of the lighting levels.

Compatible with various installation methods

Our LED industrial lights are designed to be compatible with various installation methods, including suspension, stem, surface, and wall mount. This provides flexibility in installation options to fit any industrial or indoor setting.

Power consumption monitor

The SOLUM industrial lighting solution enables users to monitor their energy usage and make adjustments accordingly.

Equipped with flicker-free driver

The HighBay also boasts a flicker-free driver that reduces eye strain and fatigue, providing a more comfortable lighting experience for workers, gym-goers, and other staff.

Fault detection

Of course, our LED industrial lights have a fault detection system that alerts users to any issues or malfunctions with the lights. This feature helps to prevent downtime and ensure that the lights are always working properly, increasing safety and productivity in the industrial environment.

IP65 rating and IK08 rating

SOLUM LED industrial lights have an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring they can withstand harsh industrial environments. Additionally, they have an IK08 rating for impact resistance. This makes them durable enough to withstand accidental bumps and impacts.

Advantages of Our Reliable Lighting Solutions

High efficiency

Industrial Lights feature HighBay LED lights that are highly efficient, with an efficacy of up to 143 lumens per watt. This means that the lights provide more brightness with less energy consumption, reducing overall energy costs.

Multifunctional industrial lighting

The lights are designed for multi-functional usage in industrial settings and indoor applications, making them highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Advanced controls

Industrial Lights includes various controls such as multi-sensor, ZigBee, and DALI, allowing for advanced and precise dimming and power control over the lighting system.

Diverse wattage selection

HighBay LED lights are available in a diverse selection of wattages, allowing you to choose the ideal level of brightness for your industrial or indoor application, including warehouses, factories, gyms, and other industrial establishments.

High uniformity and intensity

SOLUM Industrial Lights feature high uniformity and intensity, thanks to two beam angles of 55 and 90 degrees. This ensures that the lighting is evenly distributed and intense enough to meet the requirements of different lighting applications.