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The Advanced Information Management System was developed by SOLUM exclusively for our ESL systems.

Manage everything—labels, products, inventory, users, and data—all in one workspace.

Available for deployment as Aims Site, Aims Cloud, and Aims SaaS Server. 

Which Aims is right for your business?

Install the hardware, subscribe to Aims SaaS, and you’re good to go.

With Aims SaaS, you can stay focused on your business while our experts ensure a frictionless operation

  • Significant cost savings
  • Fast implementation
  • Scalable and reliable operations
  • Real-time software updates and upgrades

Why Aims SaaS?

Quick Implementation
The subscription model of Aims SaaS means you just have to pay the subscription fee - no need to install and configure individual machines and 3rd party cloud environments, so you can experience its value way sooner than you think.

Cost Savings
With Aims SaaS, you are not required to invest and maintain your own data center nor store server to manage your ESLs – all you need to do is to install the gateway, put the ESLs in place, and get a hosting service from SOLUM.

Automatic Scalability
With Aims SaaS, there is no waste or loss of resources or opportunity as we automatically scale the server resources depending on the daily traffic, so you’ll just pay the minimum subscription fee as your usage decreases.

Improved Sustainability
By leveraging Aims SaaS, you can reap green benefits while transforming your business processes. By eliminating the need for on-premise systems, you can achieve reduced energy consumption and carbon footprints compared to traditional solutions.

Seamless Upgrades
We will manage software updates and upgrades for you, eliminating the need to install or download patches. Rest assured that you will always have the most up-to-date Aims software.

Aims SaaS Features
Aims SaaS comes with all the features you need to digitize your business efficiently:

  • High availability and load balancing for uninterrupted operations
  • Scalable resources for maximum cost efficiency
  • Multi-tenant architecture for fast label update performance
  • Real-time deployment of new features and services
  • Continuous performance and history check

Aims SaaS Security
Security is an important factor when moving to the Cloud. That’s why we make sure that our software is bolstered with all the necessary security measures and controls that will ensure your important business data are safe from potential threats.

Identity Management

  • User Authentication Based on Microsoft Azure Active Directory

API Authentication and Authorization

  • Authenticate calls to the API to registered users only
  • Track who is making the requests
  • Track usage of the API - Block or throttle any requester who exceeds the rate limits
  • Apply different permission levels to different users

 Application Security Based on HTTPS

  • Web communication based on HTTPS
  • Use public SSL certificates (not self-signed certificates)
  • Block week hashing algorithm
  • Periodic vulnerability check (using Nessus)


  • All information is stored in Azure storage and Azure SQL Database
  • Both encrypt data at rest by default using Azure Disk Encryption

 Logging and Auditing

  • All logging data is stored in the internal location. The retention period is configurable

Flexible solutions for growing businesses.

Data flexibility means you’ll be able to handle a growing amount of work: increase your sales with an increase in resources.

  • Runs from a data center
  • Easier maintenance
  • Secured server
  • Load balancing
  • Manage multiple stores from one data center
  • Add-ons

Why Aims Cloud?

Horizontal Scalability
The user has the option to horizontally scale the web server from one to three (or however much is needed) in order to accommodate more tasks.

Load Balancing
Aims Cloud can divide all loads coming to the server automatically, but may also be manually configurable. This allows the server to utilize all available resources (RAM and CPU) for different situations.

Parallel Processing
For hefty tasks, two or more web servers can handle separate parts simultaneously without interfering with system processing.

High Availability
Aims Cloud works at an Active-Active server mode. If one system is down, the load will be shared by other existing WAS automatically.

Aims Cloud Security
With so much valuable data filtering through the Aims Cloud, it is imperative that we pay utmost attention to security.


Data recovery


Warning & status

User authentication

Disaster recovery

Retain all your data and be fully in control of what happens to it, for better or worse.

Own and manage your software with Aims Site. A solid, reliable, and flexible solution for businesses that wish to scale and customize as and when needed.

  • On-site server
  • Software License Ownership
  • Not dependent on internet connection
  • Add-ons

Why Aims Site?

Lower Long-term Cost
One-time license fees and annual maintenance fees are lower with Aims Site compared to the cumulative recurring costs of hosted servers. Users typically reach break-even between two and three years after initial purchase.

Data Security
Manually input your data into a physical, on-site server with full control over how to secure it. With Aims Site, your storage is completely restricted from anyone other than authorized personnel.

Greater Customization
Some businesses have niche needs that require unique solutions. Aims Site offers these businesses the option to, for example, integrate with third-party applications not regularly covered by hosted servers.

Long-term Solution
With Aims Site you won’t have to be locked into technology decisions by a vendor. Less reliance on the vendor also means that your ERP will not be affected if they go out of business or their offers become redundant.

What’s included in Aims Site?
The Aims Site package contains Dashboard, Portal, Core, Layout Designer, Web PDA and Postgresql Database included in a single bundle. The Aims Site Dashboard can also be accessed via a web browser.

Aims Infrastructure

Purpose-built with the end user in mind.

Aims-to-ESL Process

The Newton System, in a nutshell.

The facility’s legacy IT system (ex.: POS, inventory management software, etc.) is connected to Aims IMS and shares product/parts information.

Users assign labels to specific products by means of PDA.

Aims generates label images based on the product information obtained from the legacy IT system.

Aims sends label images and pricing information to the corresponding Gateways, which will send the data to each label.

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