Meet the SOLUM Smart Robot

Meet the SOLUM Smart Robot

The Newton electronic shelf label (ESL) is the most innovative retail solution currently available in the market. Its real-time and fast update speed, superior performance, IP67 rating against dust particles and water submersion, 10-year battery life, and more make the SOLUM ESL an incredible solution for various kinds of retail stores. However, that doesn’t mean the SOLUM Group isn’t continuously innovating for the future. And the future of retail innovation is here: SOLUM is introducing our very own Smart Robot! 

What is a SOLUM Smart Robot?
A SOLUM Robot is a smart robot solution developed for retailers. Its primary goal is to reduce time and effort by helping the store staff complete and simplify their daily tasks. This includes going around the store, checking shelves, taking stock, replacing and refilling items, organizing shelves, guiding customers, and more. Simply put, the SOLUM Robot is here to make retail life easier and better.

What are the features of the Smart Robot?
The SOLUM Smart Robot has a number of features that will help simplify and centralize management, staff duties, and processes within a store.

Our Robot features:

  • A camera to help the robot see and assess shelves, aisles, and more
  • A sensor that will help it navigate aisles and avoid collisions
  • A touch screen monitor to help customers find products and categories, learn about promotions, and more
  • A geolocation to help guide the customers through the store and towards a specific product
  • Integration to the Aims System that will help analyze shelves, create Real-O-Gram images (ROG)

What does the Smart Robot do?

The SOLUM Smart Robot can be programmed to accomplish various retail tasks. From inventory management to customer service to sales and promotion, the SOLUM Robot can revolutionize the retail shopping experience. 

Detects out-of-stock items, low-stock shelves, and misplaced items
Before the opening, the SOLUM Robot can take images of shelves to create panoramic ROGs or Real-O-Gram images to help detect out-of-stock items, low-stock items, misplaced problems, and more. 

Integrates into the AIMS System
After detecting inventory problems, the SOLUM Robot can now send a report to the managers through the AIMS system. The AIMS system will send notifications of the problems to the staff and managers in the store. They will be able to check the issues and intuitively know the specific locations of every single one.

Provides a more detailed report
The SOLUM Robot is also capable of providing additional information that will help organize and enhance retail management. This includes providing the staff’s KPIs (key performance indicators), and even heat maps for frequent shelf inventory issues like low stocks and misplaced items. 

Follows GDPR compliance
GDPR Compliance is also a priority for the SOLUM Robot. When taking images of the shelves for inventory, it can detect shoppers and civilians within the camera. This means it will avoid taking photos while people are in range, and will only resume once people are out of the screen. 

Navigates through the store without any collisions
With its sensor, this Smart Robot can detect incoming shoppers and carts so as to avoid collisions. The robot can also navigate through the store and find the optimal route for shopping.

Help shoppers search for a specific product
The robot can greet a customer in need and offer help. With the touch screen, Aims integration, and geolocation, the customer can easily do a keyword search to look for a specific product. The SOLUM Smart Robot will then display an item list, allow the customer to pick the right product, and guide the customer toward the selected product. The LED light on the Newton label of the product will then blink to help alert the customer. 

Recommend product promos and adverts to shoppers
The SOLUM Robot will also be able to show recommended promotions and adverts while the shopper is shopping. Once the shopper accepts the recommendations, the robot will once again guide the customer straight to the recommended product.

Help shoppers look for a specific category
Shoppers can look for a specific category with the help of the SOLUM Robot. This includes categories such as new arrivals, gluten-free products, organic products, and more. The robot will display the items in the chosen category, and guide the shopper once more to the right aisle and shelf. 

The SOLUM Smart Robot is the future of retail technology and customer service. With its modern features and its multiple advantages and uses, its significance cannot be denied. This robot solution is here to make things easier for the retail staff and the shoppers, now and in the future. 

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