SOLUM Power Module

Designed for Efficient and Reliable EV Charging Stations

Innovative Next Generation Power Module

Discover the new age of electric vehicle power technology with SOLUM Power Module. This product is SOLUM’s latest innovation in EV power modules that allows for efficient electric vehicle charging thanks to its proprietary topology.

It’s an advanced EV power module designed with a digital control circuit and is compatible with SOLUM’s in-house firmware development for maximum charging efficiency.

SOLUM’s power modules have high power factor, high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, and can be digitally controlled - all in a compact package.

Our power module line-up includes an air-cooled 30kW power module in open and close type enclosure, as well as water-cooled 50kW power module in close enclosure. Hot pluggable and multiple intelligent protection and alarm functions work together to prevent failures and ensure high reliability at all times.


Ultra-high efficiency

Compatible with the CCS Standard

Compact Form Factor

Ultra-high-power density

Ultra-wide output voltage range

Ultra-small output ripple voltage

Ultra-small standby power consumption

Complete protection and alarm functions

Efficient and Reliable Charging for Every Electric Vehicles

The SOLUM Power Module offers a wide range of use cases, making it a versatile solution for various EV charging applications. Whether it's public charging stations, workplace charging facilities, commercial fleet depots, or residential charging setups, our power module provides efficient and reliable charging for all.

Community Charging Stations

Make the residents’ life easier by providing shared EV charging stations in parking spots of apartments, condominiums, and co-ops.

Fleet Terminal Charging Stations

Optimize your passenger, municipal, or delivery fleets operations through fast charging EV chargers.

Fast Charging Stations in Malls, Supermarkets, and Restaurants

Enable your customers to charge their electric vehicles as they shop or dine.

Dedicated Charging Stations in Workplaces

Provide employees and office tenants the convenience of charging their vehicle as they work.

EV Charging Station in Fuel Stops

Attract more customers and increase revenue by installing charging stations in fuel stops.

Advanced Features

Ultra-High Efficiency

A single pile of our EV power module can deliver from 30kW and 50kW of voltage while achieving an efficiency rating of more than 95%, ensuring low power loss and high tolerance to various EV charging applications.

Ultra-High Power Density

Our EV power module features high-power density to support faster and higher power conversions.

Ultra-Low Standy-By Power

This power module offers extremely low stand-by power consumption of less than 10W for 30kw variant and 15W for the 50kw variant, resulting in significant energy savings.

Ultra-Wide Output Voltage Range

Unlock charging voltage ranges from  150VDC-1000VDC (adjustable), capable of meeting various voltage demands of different EV charging requirements.

Ultra-Low Output Ripple Voltage

This power module has ultra-low DC ripple voltage which helps protect the EV battery lifespan.

CCS Standard Compatible

SOLUM EV power module is compatible with the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard, allowing easy integration into electric vehicles.

Complete Protection and Alarm Functions

The SOLUM Power Module from SOLUM features input overvoltage protection, undervoltage warning, output overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection.

Compact Form Factor

Due to its high efficiency and well-cooled construction, power is delivered in a compact form factor, making it perfect for reliable and space-saving chargers.

Stackable Design

With 8 hardware on/off switches, 256 power modules can be connected in parallel, making it possible to build ultra-fast EV chargers with greater flexibility and reduced costs.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and manage your SOLUM Power Module fleet from anywhere in real time. Stay informed about performance, receive instant alerts for proactive maintenance, and optimize your charging network with data-driven insights. Seamless control, minimal disruptions.


Why Choose SOLUM Power Module? 



60°C Derating Temperature

Keep your charging performance consistent in any weather condition with SOLUM Power Module's no output derating feature, which allows it to operate at a high temperature of up to 60℃ without any reduction in charging capacity.

Fixed Hardware IDs

The fixed hardware ID eliminates conflicts and errors from dynamic ID changes, streamlining management and monitoring. It enables easier tracking and troubleshooting of individual modules in the charging infrastructure.

Simple Connectivity and Confirmation

Simplify your installation process with SOLUM Power Module's easy-to-use RJ45 connector, which provides a hassle-free connection and quick Tx/Rx confirmation with its LED indicator, just like a LAN connector.

High-Quality Electrolytic Capacitor

Using a long lifespan, high ripple current electrolytic capacitor ensures reliable performance and stable voltage output,resulting in higher temperature tolerance and smooth and protected charging experience.

EV Power Modules of the Future

With innovative design and high-quality components, SOLUM Power Modules delivers all you need to build a world-class EV charging system.

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