A Step Towards Enhanced Hypermarkets

digitize supermarket

Your key to efficient shelf management

It's time to put an end to the laborious retail management that comes with owning hypermarkets. Your store managers can now streamline your hypermarket operations using the SOLUM ESL.

Don't have
The right tools?

A hypermarket owner faces a variety of hurdles and difficulties. To keep these issues from spinning out of control, your management and employees must work together.

In the absence of proper instruments, these challenges will continue to worsen, resulting in a decrease in total profitability and revenues for the business.

Price labeling and shelf-life monitoring.
Special discounts and promotions.
Handling a large number of different items.
Due to a lack of automation solutions

If yes, digitize your hypermarket operations with SOLUM!

Automating your lnventory Managment

with electronic shelf label

A New Approach to

optimized workflow

shelf inventory management

information sharing

Single Platform for

Managing shelf life

To prevent food waste, a single platform for managing the shelf life of organic items, drinks, and ingredients has been developed.

Boost your sales

With Dyanmic Pricing

Improve profitability by using dynamic pricing at specific day periods and offering discounts on select products.

Latest tech

We got you coverd

Allow your employees to serve your customers more effectively by providing them with the most up-to-date retail technology.

Contactless Payment

Safer method to pay

Contactless payment driven by NFC technology gives your customers additional and safer methods to pay for their orders.

Automating pricing

Improved productivity

Increase the time your personnel can spend with consumers by automating your pricing operations.

Time to Hype Up Business

Electronic shelf labels from SOLUM will provide your managers and employees more time to concentrate on customer service, rather than having to check shelf life and keep track of stock levels.

Quick Deployment

Our ESL is specially designed for ease of implementation within an industrial environment, so digitizing your operations can be done as quickly as possible

Interactive and Modern

SOLUM ESLs are equipped with NFC capabilities, geolocation, programmable buttons, and 7-Color LED for a superior interactive experience for your employees.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Train your staff to use the ESLs quickly with our intuitive Aims software. Even without vast IT expertise, your employees can learn to use the ESLs and utilize special features from a single dashboard and on their mobile devices.

Take your business to the next level.

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