Boutique Shop

Automation solution for Boutique shop

Automation solution that allows you to better manage your product prices - Accurately monitor your inventory levels - Best decorate your store showcase

Difficulty in managing
variety of Products?

When it comes to highly specialized products and services, shopping can often be a meticulous and personalized endeavor. After all, customers that know what they want will not settle for the first thing that they see. They may want to look around and learn all that they can about the products before making a purchase.

As a result, a boutique shop provides a wide range of products to cater to as many tastes and preferences as possible. However, with so much inventory to get organized and the need to provide personalized interaction, running your boutique shop can be extremely challenging.

Manual and time-consuming price labeling practices.
Inefficient means of displaying product details.
Time-consuming reporting processes that often need to be corrected.
Outdated product management tools.
Lack of effective store signage

If yes, it’s time to modernize your Auto supplies

Automate your Shop operation with

Newton Boutique Shop Package

Rejuvenate your store with

diziting price labels

Know it all about

Store Inventory

Monitor the stock levels of your most popular products and services to better schedule deliveries of new products.

Times are changing

so are the prices

Implement a dynamic pricing strategy to offer flash sales and promotions for in-demand products and sell of other products without a loss.

Payment without hassle

and without contact

Give your customers new and safer ways to pay for their orders using contactless payments powered by NFC technology

ESL Package Features

Using digital labels from SOLUM, you can automate your operations so certain tasks do not need to be done manually. This includes updating prices, managing stock levels, and displaying product details.

Improve Your Store Signage

Display the relevant information about your highly specialized products at the shelf’s edge. Our electronic shelf labels are great for boutique shop

Show Product Specifications

Giving the customer access to as much information as possible can help convince them to make a purchase. Your boutique store can display user guides, demonstrations

Attract More Customers

ESLs often give stores a more stylish and modern look, which is something many shoppers find appealing.

Spend Less and Save More

Buying paper, ink, tape, and similar products in bulk can often contribute a lot to your store’s expenses every year.

Take your business to the next level.

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