Different Uses of Industrial Ceiling Lights

Different Uses of Industrial Ceiling Lights

Warehouses, factories, plants, logistics centers, and more are just a few examples of industrial environments providing hard labor. They are an important part of society and everyday life. However, it also means that their work involves complicated processes, big machines, dangerous equipment, long operations, and more. For workers to excel at these jobs, they need reliable industrial lights for different uses in their vicinity.

What are the common types of industrial lights?
Industrial lights can come in many different forms and designs. These lights are designed to meet specific lighting needs in industrial settings and work environments. The various options provide flexibility and adaptability for a lot of environments, and beyond that, convenience and security that they need.

Here are some examples of common industrial lights being used:

  • Indoor lighting fixtures - These kinds of industrial lights are usually smaller and used in various workstations, workshops, offices, bays, and more.
  • Floodlighting - This emits broad, intense light over a wide area, making it ideal for large open spaces and high ceilings. They can also be used as lighting for large outdoor spaces, such as industrial yards, construction sites, or security applications.
  • Task lighting - This specific kind of lighting provides focused illumination for specific tasks in the industrial environment, enhancing visibility at workstations. Often used in assembly lines, inspection areas, and machine operation zones.
  • Explosion-proof lighting - These lights, on the other hand, are designed to prevent the ignition of flammable gases, vapors, or dust in hazardous environments. Commonly used in industrial settings such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, transportation, and more.
  • Fluorescent lighting - These are commonly used for general lighting in industrial spaces. Fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient and available in different tube configurations. They are also known to be some of the most durable and reliable industrial lights, as they emit bright white light.
  • LED lighting - Light emitting diode (LED) technology is also widely used in industrial lighting due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan. LED industrial lighting can be used in various configurations, including high bays, low bays, and floodlights.
  • Incandescent lighting - These are less common in industrial settings due to their lower efficiency and shorter lifespan, especially compared to LED and fluorescent lights. However, they are an inexpensive and versatile lighting solution in industrial settings. Incandescent lighting can be used in specific applications where high-intensity lighting is not a primary concern.

When it comes to choosing industrial lighting, most places consider several factors. This includes the type of work being done, the size and layout of the facility, specific safety requirements, energy efficiency considerations, and more. No matter what type of industrial lights there are, they are sure to provide a lot of benefits to the industrial workplace.

What are the different uses of industrial ceiling lights?
Lighting, such as industrial ceiling lights, serves a variety of purposes in industrial environments. Apart from the essential illumination, they ensure security, contribute to workers’ productivity, boost employee morale, improve worker health and safety, and more.

Here are the various uses of industrial ceiling lights:

General illumination
Industrial ceiling lights are often used for general lighting purposes in industrial settings. They provide uniform illumination across large spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing floors, and power plants. This will help workers function and do their day-to-day tasks within the workplace.

Improved security and safety
In areas where safety is a concern, industrial ceiling lights may be used to ensure proper visibility of emergency exits, safety equipment, and potential hazards. This includes industrial spaces where machinery is in operation, like factories, power plants, mining operations, or wherever there is a risk of trips, falls, and other accidents.

There are over 1,300 forklift accidents each year in the material handling industry in the United Kingdom. Slips and trips are also very common due to wet or uneven surfaces in warehouses. Something as simple as adequate lighting can make daily operations safer in these industrial environments.

Outdoor industrial areas may use ceiling-mounted lights for security purposes as well. This is to help deter trespassing and malicious intent and provide better visibility for surveillance cameras and other security systems.

Lighting in emergencies
Industrial ceiling lights are also crucial when it comes to emergencies. Industrial workplaces may install emergency lighting systems that can help people in emergency cases like outages, chemical or electrical fires, electrical failures, machinery failures, natural disasters, and more. These systems are often equipped with backup power sources to ensure continued illumination during such emergencies, aiding in safe evacuation and other emergency protocols in place.

High bay lighting
Industrial facilities with high ceilings and open spaces, such as warehouses and distribution centers, utilize high bay lights. These industrial ceiling lights provide bright and even illumination over large areas where workers do their tasks for the day.

Low bay lighting or task lighting
Industrial ceiling lights can also be used for low-bay lighting and task lighting. Low bay lighting is ideal for areas with lower ceilings, like retail spaces or smaller manufacturing areas. These lighting fixtures are designed to offer the best lighting at lower mounting heights.

Small areas in various industrial settings also benefit from task lighting. They illuminate smaller or enclosed areas, enhance workstation visibility, and help facilitate task completion.

Lighting at every aisle
In warehouses and storage facilities, industrial ceiling lights can be strategically placed to provide proper illumination along aisles. This makes it easier for workers to locate and retrieve goods, further improving efficiency and productivity in any industrial workplace.

Assembly line lighting
Industrial ceiling lights are also installed to illuminate assembly lines. This is where workers engage in the assembly or production of products. Proper lighting is crucial for accuracy and efficiency in assembly tasks, which makes industrial ceiling lights more significant.

Finding the best industrial ceiling lights
The best industrial lighting is the one that answers the needs of industrial workplaces, the preferences of workers, and the additional benefits it can provide to industrial operations. Fortunately, SOLUM Group has created efficient lighting solutions for industrial spaces.

Here are a few benefits and uses of SOLUM as industrial ceiling lights:

  • LED lighting for energy efficiency
  • Adjustable light position for easy customization
  • Fault or malfunction detection
  • Smart control function
  • Various lighting temperatures for specific industrial environments
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • On/off sensor for energy and cost savings
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Dimming control with a radar sensor
  • Power consumption monitor

With SOLUM Industrial Lights, various businesses, such as warehouses, factories, or even gyms, can take advantage of the different uses of industrial ceiling lights. An adequate and advanced lighting solution like this can improve worker productivity, accuracy, confidence, quality and control, security, and more.

Ready to install efficient industrial ceiling lights in your industrial space? Talk to SOLUM Group experts today and get started!

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