Benefits of Industrial Lights in Warehouse Facilities

Benefits of Industrial Lights in Warehouse Facilities

Finding a lighting solution for a warehouse facility seems easy enough. However, making sure to pick the best industrial lights for warehouses should take more considered. Lighting can affect the working environment in industrial settings. It can even affect daily operations and individual workers.

Without adequate warehouse lighting, workers might make mistakes and errors or get into accidents. It can also lead to inefficient energy consumption, a gloomy or suffocating environment, poor work standards, a damaged reputation, and more. SOLUM Group has the lighting solution to prevent all of these unfortunate repercussions.


Benefits of SOLUM Industrial Lights for Warehouses
SOLUM’s Industrial Lights, also known as the HighBay LED Lights or SHB Series, are advanced lighting solutions designed for various industrial settings. These HighBay Lights have two beam angles of 55 and 90 degrees for uniformity and intensity. They can cover a large area of light, making them ideal for open areas. They can also brighten specific aisles and shelving areas. Its other features include:


  • Adjustable light position for easy customization
  • Available in CCT (correlated color temperature) of 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K
  • Compatible with various installation methods
  • Flicker-free driver for a more comfortable lighting experience
  • IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, and IK08 rating for impact resistance
  • Smart control function
  • On/Off function using in-house sensor
  • Dimming control using a radar sensor
  • Power consumption monitor
  • Fault detection


With features like these, the SHB is made for ultimate efficiency and high consistency in an industrial environment. Here are its benefits for warehouses: 


Improved safety
SOLUM’s reliable and efficient lighting for warehouses contributes to the overall health and safety of the workers. The USA’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that the fatal injury rate for the warehousing industry is higher than the national average.

One way to prevent accidents and fatal injuries is by installing and providing suitable lighting so workers can see where they are going or avoid the imminent danger that may not be visible in a dark facility. SOLUM Industrial Lights are more than enough to fulfill different lighting needs and ensure that workers stay safe in the warehouse.


High efficiency
SOLUM Industrial Lights are LED highly efficient lights. They have an efficacy of up to 143 lumens per watt. This means that the lights provide more brightness even with less energy being consumed. Warehouses can use these lights to reduce overall consumption while still providing highly effective lighting across the site.


Multifunctional usage and applications
SOLUM HighBay Lights are designed for multifunctional purposes. They make for a versatile lighting solution for various industrial environments and applications. They have adjustable beam angles as well as multiple lighting temperatures that can fit any application.


Better work standard
Ample lighting from SOLUM Industrial Lights will also lead to a high standard of work. This is because good lighting means better working conditions for the workers. Good lighting can ensure that every task and every process is carried out with accuracy and care. It can ensure that they are in an environment where they can do their jobs properly. This also means that certain errors and mistakes can be avoided. Overall, a better work standard can be expected.


Better visuals and comfort
SOLUM Industrial Lights will also give workers good visuals and comfort as they work. The SHB series is available in four different CCT (correlated color temperature) options. The lights can be adjusted according to the application, and range from warm white to cool white lighting temperatures. It also has a flicker-free driver that reduces eye strain and fatigue. These will make workers more comfortable as they work around the warehouse. It will also ensure that the lights are not irritating to the eyes at all.


Better morale and motivation
Good industrial lights for warehouses will boost morale and motivation among workers as well. Research has shown that adequate lighting improves moods and energy levels. Poor lighting, on the other hand, contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. SOLUM Industrial Lights provide reliable lighting to a warehouse and can boost the mood and morale of workers. The better their moods are, the better they will be motivated to work every day.


Energy-saving lighting
The SOLUM HighBay LED lights are also an energy-saving lighting solution. These industrial lights have a dimming control function that allows for customizable lighting levels. An in-house sensor for the on/off function is also available, which ensures that the lights are only on when workers are present. Apart from these, it also has a Power Consumption Monitor to further monitor energy usage. All of these will lead to energy savings and better energy consumption in the warehouse.


Easy installation and maintenance
SOLUM Industrial Lights for warehouses are also compatible with various installation methods. This makes it easier for the crew to install and maintain. Installation methods include suspension, stem, surface, and wall mount.


Apart from easy installation, the SHB Series also boasts a fault detection system. This will send alerts in case the lights have any issues or malfunction. This makes maintenance smoother and reduces downtime for the warehouse. Not only does this improve safety, but it also ensures that good productivity continues. 


It can be integrated with smart technology
Warehouses utilizing smart technology will also find ease and convenience with SOLUM Industrial Lights. This is because these lights have smart control functions. These smart controls allow for remote control and monitoring of the lights, ensuring that they can be easily adjusted and controlled by supervisors or workers themselves.


The importance of industrial lighting should always be accounted for. Let SOLUM help in finding the adequate lighting you need. Get SOLUM Industrial Lights for your warehouses now. Contact us today.



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Industrial Lights for Warehouses
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