What is the Best Smart Home Lighting System?

What is the Best Smart Home Lighting System?

According to the latest survey by Statista, as many as 63.43 million households in the United States are actively using smart home devices in 2023. This includes smart doorbells, smart cameras, smart refrigerators, smart TVs, and a lot more. Now, smart home gadgets and devices are known to be expensive and have limited or specific uses only. However, a smart lighting system is an all-around, practical smart technology that everyone can use every day.

If you’re looking forward to trying out a smart device at home, like millions of other households, a smart lighting system can be a good choice. So what is the best smart home lighting system for you?


What is a smart home lighting system?
A smart home lighting system is home lighting that incorporates modern smart technology for a more welcoming environment and a more efficient system.

A smart home lighting system can be controlled remotely, usually via a mobile app or voice assistant. It can communicate and work with the other smart devices in the house, make decisions for the occupants in a room, follow schedules and automation, and more.

A smart home lighting system can be installed in contemporary homes or integrated into smart homes. It gives individuals and families ultimate comfort and convenience. And of course, it enhances indoor living for a lot of people in this modern world.


Is a smart lighting system worth it?
In the right situation and with proper usage, yes, a smart lighting system is worth it. Smart lighting systems can be installed in an office, at a school, at homes, and more. It brings a lot of advantages, no matter the environment or the circumstances.

From remote controls, automation, safety measures, energy efficiency features, and more, people prefer the ease and functionality of smart lighting systems.

At home, it can transform the place and create a safe haven for all the people living in it. The integration of smart lighting with other smart home devices also fosters a seamless living experience. Investing in a smart lighting system for your home does not only improve your daily life. It also promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the long run. Overall, smart lights are not only for aesthetic purposes, they have also proven to be quite useful for everyone.


What is the best use of smart lights?
Smart lights at home can be a huge advantage for a lot of people and families. With its numerous features, smart home lighting is bound to be an essential factor in the overall ambiance of your living space. Here are some of the best uses of smart lights:

  • Remote controls - Smart lighting systems can give you the ability to remotely control them. This can come in the form of a smart app that you need to download on your phone or other devices. It can also come in the form of voice activation or voice control since the lighting system will connect with your chosen smart home ecosystem. This gives you a chance to control your home lights without much effort, anywhere you are in the house.
  • Schedules or automation - Smart lighting systems are known for their scheduling or automation features. This allows you to schedule or automate the lights at specific times of the day. This is a particularly good feature that a lot of people take advantage of because it saves them time. It’s also good for specific situations like events and occasions, vacations, highlighting specific architecture and home gardens, and more.
  • Light adjustments - Another use that a lot of people prefer when it comes to smart lighting systems is light adjustments. Most smart lights allow users to adjust their lights. Options like brightness levels, dimness levels, and color temperature can be modified to your preferences and settings. Some smart light bulbs also have the option to change color. This will make a good addition for special events like birthday parties, baby showers, and more.
  • Motion sensors - Motion sensors are a hidden gem when it comes to smart lighting. Not all smart lighting systems have it, and not most people know about it. However, if your smart lights have motion sensors, you can take advantage of them. Motion sensors can help ward off robbers or other people with malicious intent. This is because the lights will turn on once they detect motion within the house. Motion sensors also help households save energy and money since they will only turn on when there are people inside a room. Motion sensors in a lighting system, without a doubt, will be beneficial for a lot of homes.


What are the factors to consider when choosing a smart lighting system for your home?

  1. Compatibility with the existing smart home ecosystem - First and foremost, you need to ensure that the smart lighting system is compatible with the smart ecosystem you have at home. Smart home ecosystems include Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. Each of these ecosystems has a different range of device compatibility, so make sure they are compatible with the brand of lighting system you’re getting. Otherwise, they won’t be able to connect with the smart home system, and you’ll have a harder time controlling and integrating the lights into your home. 
  2. Connectivity options - Smart devices can be remotely controlled once they’re connected over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These two are the most common connectivity options for most devices. However, there are also other connectivity options, like Zigbee or Z-Wave. are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For your future smart lighting system, it’s best to know which connectivity option they have so you can be prepared.
  3. Types of bulbs and fixtures supported - You also need to consider, of course, the type of light bulbs and fixtures in the lighting system. Are they using LED lights? Do they have the ability to change colors? Can users adjust the brightness or dimness? Can you adjust or set the lighting temperature? These are all important details to confirm and will help you pick a good smart lighting system for your home.
  4. Automation and scheduling capabilities - Automation and scheduling are some of the best-known and most essential parts of smart lighting systems. You need to make sure the system you pick has a wide range of automation and scheduling options. This feature ensures that your home lights turn on automatically at sunset and then off at sunrise. It also allows you to set the lighting automation for specific times.
  5. Voice control and integration with virtual assistants - Double-checking voice control and virtual assistant integration is also a wise move. Voice control and voice assistance add to the overall convenience of ecosystems and smart devices. This is the same for your smart lighting system. With voice control, you’ll be able to control and adjust lights wherever you are at home.
  6. Mobile app functionality and user experience - You also need to consider the mobile app it comes with. Like most smart devices, smart lighting systems will have a mobile app that will allow you to control the lights remotely. Check if the mobile app is easy to use, if it’s easy to understand, and if you have all the lighting features and settings in the palm of your hand.
  7. Energy efficiency and sustainability - Utilizing smart technology is a step towards sustainability. Consider your smart lighting system and its sustainability. How long does it usually last? How much energy does it consume? Does it use LED light bulbs for a more environmentally friendly solution? The more energy-efficient and sustainable it is, the better choice it will be for your home and your family.
  8. Security features - Some smart lighting systems also have advanced security features. Consider smart lighting systems with motion sensors, entry sensors, alarms, and more. These security features will help prevent burglaries, home invasions, house fires, and more. These are extra precautions that will help keep you and your family safe.

What is the best smart home lighting system?
Choosing the best smart home lighting system can be a little complicated. But only because of the various brands and companies offering smart lights, and the various features and capabilities each lighting system offers.

The best smart home lighting system is the one that fits your home and your lifestyle the most. Think about the various factors to consider when choosing smart home lighting. And now, think about what kind of indoor lifestyle you have as well. You have to know your priorities and what functionalities you need most inside your home.

For example, SOLUM Retail Lighting might be known for sophisticated, customizable lighting for retail or commercial settings, but it can also be used in a few residential environments. Specifically, the Bene LED Spot Luminaires and the Vexillum Track Luminaires also make for ideal lighting solutions at home.

Bene LED Spot Luminaires provide powerful and concentrated illumination with less glare. This is all thanks to a specially designed lens technology and a tilting angle. Vexillum Track Luminaires, on the other hand, have a Flicker Free Driver that will create a soft light effect for a more gentle, ambient light setting. These kinds of lights at home can help you create a welcoming setting. And with the right technology, it will also become a revolutionary addition to any home.

A smart home lighting system is compelling and superior. Whichever you choose will be for your home and your family. So make sure they’re easy to use, they have the right features and capabilities you need, and they fit your household best.

Contact SOLUM Group today and talk to an expert who can answer your smart home lighting inquiries.

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