What is the Best Portable Charger for Travel?

What is the Best Portable Charger for Travel?

Have your phones ever run out of battery in the middle of a day trip? Tired of carrying around bulky chargers for your phones and other devices on a vacation or a business trip? These situations can be grueling and frustrating. They can even put a damper on your whole outing. This is why portable chargers are a crucial part of traveling. And having a SOLUM Fast Charger, the best portable charger for travel, is a priority.


Why you should never forget a portable charger
A portable charger is like a lifeline. When you’re stuck in the middle of your workplace and want to get back to your laptop, or you’re stuck in a restaurant or hotel and you can’t enjoy your vacation time without a phone camera, a portable charger can change how things are going.

A portable charger will give you the convenience and peace of mind you need while on a trip. Having a portable charger means you can charge your devices whenever and wherever you need to. Running out of battery seems to be one of the most common travel tech disasters, especially nowadays. So portable chargers have become a necessity for every trip, for every modern traveler, or for tourists visiting a new city or a new country.

It also works in emergency situations. When you need to make an emergency call or check navigation apps and maps, a portable charger ensures that your phone stays powered and functional.

A portable charger also contributes to leisure or work purposes. You’ll be able to capture moments and photographs throughout your trip with a powered smartphone. You can also work on a business trip without any complications, and you won’t need to worry about bulky laptop chargers that will disrupt the workplace.

It also helps ensure that you will have the right documents needed for travel. Some essential travel documents, like your passport, tickets, boarding passes, vaccination certificates, travel itineraries, and more, can be downloaded onto your mobile phone for safekeeping. 

Simply put, a portable charger is one step toward being prepared for your trip. It’s not just simply for staying connected to the internet or having a camera available at any given moment. It’s also for emergency purposes, efficiency, and for convenience.


Choosing the best portable charger for travel
A highly-functional and efficient portable charger is what everyone needs for their travels. Though you can bring your own chargers, they’re not always the most portable and the most convenient when you travel frequently.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing the best portable charger for travel:

  • Size - You need a portable charger that’s small or compact enough to fit in any carry-on bag or luggage. 
  • Fast-charging capability - The best portable charger for travel should also have fast-charging capabilities for charging on the go.
  • USB or cable ports - The portable charger should also be able to charge multiple devices, so various USB or cable ports are a must.


Reasons why SOLUM charger is the best portable charger for traveling
For the best and most suitable portable travel charging, SOLUM Group has developed chargers to provide an efficient charging experience anywhere you go.

The SOLUM Chargers are known to be the world's smallest travel adapter design implementation through the merged integrated circuit (specialized IC) and optimal MLB Trans design. They’re also safe and powerful, and allow the user to charge their devices efficiently.

Here is why the SOLUM Charger is the best portable charger for traveling:


It has a compact and lightweight design
The SOLUM Charger has an ultra-slim and ultra-compact design. The SOLUM Slim Charger is considered the world’s slimmest travel adapter and is easy to carry as a mere pencil. Because of this, it makes it easy to pack for any long or short trip. It can fit in any handbag, backpack, laptop bag, or luggage. It’s also not bulky or heavy, which won’t affect baggage weight limits or restrictions. 


It has a fast-charging capability
Fast charging is also an advantage of SOLUM Chargers. For those who are always on the go, or stuck in a hotel lobby or a restaurant, you will need fast-charging capabilities to recharge and power up your devices. The SOLUM Quick Charger can charge a device up to 50% in just 30 minutes. This powerful mobile adapter is the perfect solution for fast charging needs.


It can charge multiple devices at once
The SOLUM Charger also has the unique capability of charging various kinds of devices at once. It has several ports which allow the charging of multiple devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and power banks. The 65-Watt variant of this charger can also be used for laptops.


It’s versatile
Whether you’re in the office or a conference room, in your hotel room, in a library, a restaurant, at home, on a layover, or in between flights, this portable charger can be used anywhere and anytime. Optimal charging experience can always be achieved with the SOLUM Charger and your device can power up from 0 to 100%.


It’s always safe to use
While the SOLUM Charger is primarily designed for portability, speed, and efficiency, it’s also designed for guaranteed safety. This is because it’s equipped with SOLUM’s patented radiant heat dissipation structure for efficient cooling. It also boasts built-in protection systems that adjust the output power automatically depending on the battery percentage of the device and the environment temperature. This portable charger will ensure that you stay powered and safe.


There is no need to worry about your devices and their battery life when you travel with the SOLUM Charger. Contact SOLUM Group now for more information on premium mobile chargers.

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