What is a TV Board?

What is a TV Board?

Televisions, or TVs, have certainly become an integral part of people’s daily lives. TVs can make people feel like they have all the entertainment in the world in the palm of their hands. However, all the entertainment in the world might not be available in various households, if not for the work of special boards working together. Those are the humble TV boards.


What is a TV board?
Also known as a television circuit board or PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a TV board is one of the most essential components of most modern televisions. TV boards are usually flat boards made of non-conductive material but have conductive paths carved or printed onto them. These conductive pathways are made between different electronic parts that work together to operate and control the TV.

In the simplest terms, TV boards act as the TV’s brain and power source. These are where various electronic components can be found, where they can connect and interact with each other to make sure that every TV works properly. If there’s something wrong with a TV—if it stopped working or there are no sounds or pictures—chances are the issues might stem from problems within the TV boards.

For TV manufacturers and brands, TV boards have a crucial role in the overall functionality and product performance of every TV model they offer to their end consumers.


The different types of TV boards
A TV board generally has five main types. Each of them has its own specific purposes, and each of them is responsible for handling specific tasks so the TV can function. Here are the main types of TV boards you can find on modern TVs:

  1. Main Board - Sometimes called the motherboard as well, the Main Board functions as the main brain of the TV, which processes and controls overall TV functions, and controls the other boards’ operations. It also contains the audio and video inputs and outputs and processes the audio and video signals. The main board is also the board that carries a microprocessor and memory to store TV software and settings.
  2. Power Supply Board - The TV’s Power Supply Board, of course, is the one responsible for managing and directing the power supply to different components of the TV. It generally converts the AC power from the wall outlet into the various DC voltages required by different parts of the TV. A TV power board is also known to convert the AC line voltage to something lower and more conducive to the normal operation of a television.
  3. T-Con Board - Also known as the Timing Control Board, the T-Con Board manages the timing and control of the pixels on the TV screen. Because of this, it can act as an interface between the motherboard of the TV and the screen. It also helps ensure that the correct image information is displayed on the panel, as well as the controlling pixel color and resolution.
  4. LED Driver Board - LED driver boards, on the other hand, are essential to modern LED-backlit TVs. This is because this type of TV board is used to regulate and supply the ideal power current to the LEDs. It’s responsible for controlling the brightness and backlight uniformity of LED TVs.
  5. Inverter Board - Meanwhile, inverter boards are usually found in older CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlit TVs. They’re the ones responsible for converting DC power to AC power so the CCFL tubes light up evenly.


Importance of TV Boards
The primary function of a TV board is to facilitate the flow of the various electrical signals between different parts of the television so that it can function properly. It also helps in ensuring proper communication and coordination among its internal counterparts.

However, the importance of TV boards also goes beyond the fact that they make sure every TV is working properly. Good and reliable TV boards can impact the whole experience of manufacturing, buying, and selling TVs.

Here are a couple of points at which the importance of TV boards can be seen:

  1. Functionality - TV boards, of course, are accountable for the proper functioning of the different components of the TV. Without good TV boards, television would not be able to turn on, process audio and video signals, display high-quality images, respond to user inputs, or perform other TV software functions or settings.
  2. Quality and performance - The quality and performance of a single TV also depend on the quality of TV boards. TV boards impact how TV functions. This means that the more reliable or well-designed TV boards are, the better TVs can process signals, produce images, distribute power, and more.
  3. Technological Advances - TV boards also help TVs adapt to technological advances. TV manufacturers continuously improve and update their TV boards to incorporate new features and technology. New designs and solutions are also regularly being developed so that TVs accommodate the fast-paced and modern world people live in. Whether it’s implementing higher screen resolutions, integrating smart features, or more, TV boards help ensure that TV manufacturers stay up-to-date and at the forefront of the industry.
  4. Product Uniqueness - TV boards also allow TV manufacturers to bring individuality or uniqueness to their TV models and what they offer to their customers. This is because advanced TV boards with innovative solutions, such as smart TV capabilities, set brands apart. The more unique and special TV models are, the more TV manufacturers can win over the audience.
  5. Serviceability and Repairs - TV boards also have an influence on a TV’s serviceability and repairability. For example, when a problem or complication arises with the function of a TV, technicians will be able to diagnose the root of the problem within the TV boards. Technicians will also be able to replace the defective TV board. TV manufacturers with better support and service will fare better among consumers.
  6. Manufacturing Efficiency - Last but not least, TV boards also affect the manufacturing process of TVs. Manufacturers need specific TV boards to ensure good product design, compatibility, and efficiency. There are also efforts to streamline the production processes involving TV boards and TV assembly to achieve maximum efficiency.


SOLUM 3-in-1 TV Boards as a Better Solution
SOLUM Group has created a line-up of power and driver modules for LED TVs. The SOLUM 3-in-1 TV Board combines the three circuit boards—the video board, power board, and tuner—into a single PCB (printed circuit board). This innovative design was developed to allow for a lighter and more compact Smart TV design. It also makes more space for other TV components, such as speakers, since three TV functions are already packed into one.


SOLUM 3-in-1 TV Boards support 32”, 39”, and 43” High Definition (HD) and Full High Definition (FHD) LED TVs. They can also connect to a 2.4GHz and 5G Wi-Fi connection for a seamless online TV-watching experience.

Overall, these TV boards are built for compatibility, reliability, and exceptional display quality.

Here are some features of SOLUM 3-in-1 TV Boards that will accelerate the latest LED TV:

  • Highly compatible with various brands
  • Built-in 5G chipset for reliable internet connectivity, low latency, and high capacity
  • Lightweight, minimalist, and modular design
  • Multi-channel LED control
  • Mechanical automatic winding for product quality and consistency
  • Customized Power IC for safe and efficient use

Lightweight and efficient TV boards can enhance LED TVs and help give the end consumers products with better quality and entertainment.

For integrated and compact 3-in-1 TV boards, talk to SOLUM Group today.

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