What are TV Power Modules?

What are TV Power Modules?

Televisions contain various components to make them work. There are also various TV boards inside that work together to make sure that the TV unit is functioning properly. However, all of these components will become moot if not for the necessary energy source to power them up. And for that, TVs need a power module.


What is a TV power module?
A TV Power Module is a type of power supply that is specifically designed to power a television. This critical TV component is responsible for converting incoming electricity (alternating current) from the wall outlet to the appropriate current (direct current) required to power the different electronic circuits within the TV. TV power modules provide a steady and stable power source for television, helping it stay powered and operational at all times. It usually contains various components like transformers, capacitors, rectifiers, and voltage regulators.

The modules can be either internal or external. The internal type of power module is typically installed inside the TV, while the external modules are typically installed at the wall outlet.


What does a power module do?
To put it simply, TV power modules are small electronic devices that help to deliver electricity to a television. They are usually known to be the miniature versions of the larger power supply units found inside many other electronic items, systems, and inverters. This includes wind turbines, solar power panels, tidal power plants, and even electric vehicles (EVs).

Power modules provide a way to get electrical current from the power source (wall outlet or other source), and then to the television, providing it with the power needed to operate. Generally, the power module includes a step-down transformer, rectifiers, and filtering capacitors to effectively convert AC power from the wall outlet to the DC energy required to run a TV. In other words, a power module is an essential piece of hardware for any television system, helping to deliver a steady flow of power.

TV power modules also help protect the TV by stabilizing and regulating the power it receives to prevent interruptions and power surges. This helps protect the TV and all its other sensitive components so that no part of the TV is totally damaged.

Here are some more functions of a power module in TVs and other electronics:

  • Current limitations
  • Thermal management
  • EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering
  • Short circuit protection
  • Efficiency enhancement
  • What is an example of a power module?
  • A TV power module is a device used to provide power to a television set. It usually has a fuse, bridge rectifier, transformer, capacitor, and voltage regulator, all enclosed in a single housing.

An example of this type of power module is the MSP-TV05, which is designed for use with LCD television sets. It features four output voltages, has an input voltage of between 90V and 264V, and provides up to 20W of power. It also includes various protection and safety features, such as over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection. This power module is capable of working efficiently in power shortages, thanks to its Auto-Start Function.


Why should TV manufacturers choose SOLUM TV Power Modules?
SOLUM Group, being a global leader in cutting-edge technologies, has developed a series of ultra-compact switch-mode power supply modules (SMPS) for LED televisions. Known as SOLUM TV Power Modules, these SMPS use a switching regulator to provide the LED driver, light source module, and T-Con board of a TV set with a stable DC voltage.

These power supply modules save a significant amount of space, and they provide a lot of efficiency and reliability to the overall function of a TV. This is because every SOLUM TV Power module is equipped with patented trans-automation, heat dissipation structure design, EMI prevention technology, and more.

Here are the reasons why TV manufacturers should choose SOLUM TV Power Modules:


They have an ultra-compact design
SOLUM TV Power Modules are primarily known as ultra-compact SMPS. They are designed to provide reliable and stable DC voltage to four essential components of an LED TV—the LED driver, light source module, and T-Con board.

SOLUM TV Power Modules also include Prime TV SMPS, Slim TV SMPS, (which are both ideal for slim UHD/FHD/HD LED TVs), and Box-Type TV SMPS (which is made for ultra-slim LED TVs). All of these are designed to save and maximize space and ensure that the TV always operates at peak performance.


They’re safe and reliable power sources
SOLUM TV Power's SMPS provides LED TVs with a dependable and secure power source. These power modules incorporate advanced circuitry and design to deliver a constant DC voltage to the LED driver, light source module, and T-Con board. This kind of safeguarding against voltage fluctuations ensures every TV's protection. It also guarantees a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience for end consumers. Manufacturers can trust in the stability, safety, and reliability of SOLUM TV Power's SMPS.


They have a high-density power
SOLUM TV Power also delivers dependability and efficiency through high-density power supply modules, which provide the perfect solution for powering LED TVs. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, SOLUM power modules ensure a steady DC voltage supply to the various TV components, all within a compact footprint. This advanced design will be able to deliver high performance while optimizing space utilization for your LED TV needs.


They go through various testing processes
SOLUM Group implements a meticulous testing process to guarantee the utmost quality and reliability of each switch-mode power supply module. Each module undergoes comprehensive in-house testing, adhering to strict performance and safety standards. Manufacturers can be rest assured that our modules have undergone extensive testing. This ensures a trustworthy and top-notch power source for every LED TV.


Power modules in a television set are crucial. A dependable TV power module is what you need. For advanced TV power modules that can power up your LED TVs, choose SOLUM TV Power Modules now.

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