What are Stadium Lights and Where Can You Use Them?

What are Stadium Lights and Where Can You Use Them?

If you need dynamic and high-intensity illumination for significant events and widely open locations, stadium lights can give you everything you need. These lights play a vital role in a lot of events and affairs—enhancing visibility, improving productivity, and ensuring safety. But they also help create profit and boost establishments. So what exactly are these stadium lights? Where can you find them or use them?


What are stadium lights?
Stadium lights are enormous, powerful light fixtures mounted at tall heights, usually between 25 to 60 feet. They have small beam angles that range from 12 to 60 degrees. Stadium lights are commonly seen at outdoor events and activities, large indoor spaces, sporting games, and events, and for a lot more applications.

Stadium lights are a big factor when it comes to large events. Not only does it provide illumination for large spaces, but it also affects events and activities more than people can imagine. Stadium lights provide enhanced visibility and safety for people attending sporting events or festive activities. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere for other businesses, establishments, fields, industrial sites, or services. Best of all, it also provides a blanket of security for a lot of open spaces and outdoor areas.

The best stadium lights are those that are highly efficient, glare and flicker-free, easy to install and control, durable, and have multiple lighting arrangements and color temperatures. Nowadays, LED stadium lights are the most commonly used by businesses, establishments, and professionals. This is because of its efficiency, versatility, easy installation, and maintenance.


Where can you use stadium lights?
Stadium lights work best for large-scale illumination purposes. And although most would think that stadium lights are only used for sports affairs, their flexibility transcends multiple uses and applications. Take a look at the various locations where you can use stadium lights.


Sports stadiums, arenas, and venues
Of course, big sports events utilize stadium lights. Football stadiums, gymnasiums, soccer fields, baseball fields, cricket grounds, and rugby pitches all need abundant light to work. These lights ensure proper visibility for players and spectators during evening or nighttime events. They also illuminate indoor sporting venues for maximum clarity.


Campus quads and fields
Quads and fields on university and college campuses usually have stadium lights installed. This is because a lot of student gatherings, events, and sports activities are held here. Stadium lights provide the expansive lighting needed to get students and staff engaged in these college events. Food drives, movie nights and film fests, club activities and programs, student tournaments, collegiate athletic events, as well as charities and volunteer work will be a success with proper stadium lighting.


Concert venues
Stadium lights are a big part of concert venues and a significant element of the overall concert experience. Large-scale concerts by well-known artists, music festivals, and open-air performances are often held during the evening or night. This means stadium lighting is necessary to illuminate the stage and seating areas. Not only that, but these lights contribute to the whole atmosphere and visibility at the event, allowing the audience to see the performers and enjoy their time.


Commercial parking lots
Stadium lights can also be found in commercial parking lots. They illuminate the open area and provide drivers and residents with the lighting they need as they park their vehicles. The bright lights from stadium lights also help strengthen the security of the place. Commercial parking spaces can be dangerous at night and stadium lights can help prevent criminal activity. In fact, improving the lighting is one of the most important security tips to reduce risks in parking lots.


Country clubs and golf courses
Country clubs and golf courses can illuminate and beautify their establishments with stadium lights. Some stadium lights are dark sky-friendly and have precision optics, which can be beneficial for locations like this. These vital lights will help keep country clubs and golf courses well-lit and safe. It can also add to the aesthetics of the place, which will surely attract more customers and prospects.


Construction sites
Stadium lights matter when it comes to construction and industrial sites as well. These construction sites utilize bright and high-powered stadium lights during night shifts. This is to provide construction workers with the ample lighting they need to carry out construction activities safely and effectively. Workers will be able to finish the night shift without any accidents, fatal injuries, errors, and mistakes. So not only will stadium lights improve their safety, but they will also lead to better productivity.


Film sets and TV productions
Movie and television production sets also benefit from stadium lights. This is because stadium lights can be used to create specific lighting conditions or to simulate daylight scenes in indoor settings. Of course, it can also provide the best lighting for actors and crew to continue working in dark, gloomy settings or at night. This shows how versatile stadium lights can be, and can still provide applications even within the entertainment industry.


Outdoor events and gatherings
Stadium lights can also be temporarily installed for a number of outdoor events. This includes community events, cultural festivals, outdoor fairs and conventions, outdoor exhibitions, as well as large gatherings. Reliable lighting can transform these outdoor events, especially those that are supposed to be lively and engaging. Good lighting from these stadium lights can also make the whole experience even more memorable for the people involved.


Emergencies and disaster relief
Much like outdoor events, stadium lights can also be used as temporary lighting solutions in case of emergency situations. Stadium lights can be set up for field hospitals in the event of large natural disasters like tsunamis or earthquakes. They can also be used for disaster relief, rescue, and recovery, as well as donation drives and disaster relief. These lights will give first responders and other authorities the proper illumination to do their jobs and will encourage the public to come together for help.


SOLUM Stadium Lights as a Solution
SOLUM Stadium Lights are an ideal lighting solution for outdoor events and sports games. This is a series of LED stadium lights that provide high-quality lighting output, energy efficiency, and multi-functional usage for various sports and outdoor events. SOLUM Group has designed these lights to give maximum light efficiency for large spaces, whether outdoor or indoor. 

Here’s what the SOLUM Stadium Lights can bring to their various applications:


  • High efficacy of up to 130 lumens per watt
  • Customizable multi-optic lens options with 15, 20, 20N, 30, 45, and 60-degree beam angles
  • Color temperature options of 4000K, 5000K, and 5700K
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 74.9 lbs (34kg)
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • EPA (Effective Projected Area) of 2.47 ft2 for low wind and harsh weather resistance
  • Glare-free lighting and light pollution minimization
  • A precision optic with exceptional uniformity for sports and stadium lighting


Stadium lights can give you a powerful lighting output needed for sports and outdoor activities. And if you have highly reliable and efficient lighting like the SOLUM Stadium Lights, you are set.

Talk to SOLUM Group today to get started.

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