What are Smart Lights and Should You Install Them at Home?

What are Smart Lights and Should You Install Them at Home?

We always want our homes to be the best they can be. We need comfort, safety, wellness, and cleanliness for our homes so we can live and work in peace. If you’re looking forward to making your home more livable and functional, smart lights might be the answer. Smart lights can transform your living space. It’s a good choice for keeping your home modern, comfortable, and safe for everyone.


What are smart lights?
Smart lights refer to light bulbs or other lighting fixtures that can interact automatically with users, their environment, and other smart devices. This means smart lights do not need to be manually operated. Instead, they can be controlled through smart devices, voice commands, and other remote or automated controls.

Since their invention and popularization, smart lighting systems have changed the way people use lights. Nowadays, lighting is not just for practical reasons. They’re also for comfort and convenience. Smart lighting now brings a lot of benefits to people’s lives and their homes.


Reasons you need smart lights at home
Having smart lights at home is a wise decision. Though they might seem complicated or expensive to others, smart lights can improve home living. Take a look at the reasons why you should install smart lights at home:


It’s a convenient solution
Smart lighting comes with convenience like no other kind of light bulb and fixture. Smart lighting technology allows you to control every light seamlessly.

You can either turn on all the lights in your house all at once or activate lighting in specific rooms with just one snap of your fingers or a simple voice command. You can even set up custom lighting controls or presets for aesthetic purposes, your own comfort, or health reasons.

Residents can also use the smart lights’ app on their smartphone, tablet, or wall-mounted smart panel. Overall, they’re easier to operate and maintain.


It saves energy
Smart lights also allow households to save on energy. This is because most smart lights utilize LED bulbs, which are far more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. They emit little heat and consume less electricity, which is also good as they reduce the risk of combustion, burnt fingers, or unnecessarily high temperatures.

Residential LEDs already use at least 75% less energy. Using smart lighting technology will also enhance energy-saving efforts in your home.


It reduces carbon footprint
Smart lights also help families do their part for the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Traditional incandescent bulbs create 4,500 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) create slightly less at 1,051 lbs. of carbon emissions per year. LED bulbs, which are used in smart lighting, only produce 451 lbs. of CO2 per year.

For some, it may not be much, but it has the least carbon footprint out of all residential lighting options. They also last between three and twenty-five times longer, saving you money and reducing emissions in the long run. This makes it an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.


It makes your home more secure
Smart lighting technology also adds to the security of your home. Since these lights can be remotely controlled through an app or voice command, you can instantly turn all the lights off when you’re away for a trip or vacation. Fire departments responded to an estimated average of 32,160 home fires involving electrical distribution and lighting equipment each year in 2015-2019.

With smart lighting technology, you can be sure that lights stay off and are safe. You can also make sure that they’re only on when needed, especially with motion sensors.


It can be integrated with smart home systems
And of course, another advantage of smart lights is that they can be integrated into smart home systems. If you’re looking forward to converting your homes into smart homes in the future, smart lights can easily be a part of the whole system. It can connect to the entertainment system, the security system, smart curtains, and more. Your dream smart home can start with these smart lights.


Why SOLUM Lighting has the ideal Smart Lights for your Home
SOLUM Group has developed an indoor residential smart lighting solution. The SOLUM smart lighting system allows the management of home lights with a smartphone or tablet. There are different lighting modes and dimness levels, as well as automation features that can be set remotely. It can even be partnered with the SOLUM Roommate, a smart air quality monitor, which can help people establish a safe and secure home.

Here’s why SOLUM Smart Lighting is ideal for your homes:

  • It’s highly efficient - SOLUM Smart Lights are highly efficient, especially for residential use. It utilizes SOLUM LED Power, which saves energy but maximizes lighting efficiency.
  • It has built-in sensors - SOLUM residential indoor smart lighting solutions are equipped with built-in sensors to enhance the lighting experience as well as strengthen safety precautions for your living space.
  • It has lighting presets - Every registered user of the lighting system can also set up customized lighting presets for the smart lights. These lighting presets are good for automated lighting in specific areas, custom brightness or dimness, and more. This can be beneficial for those who want extra security, those who have certain eye conditions and problems, and people with other healthcare conditions.
  • It has temperature monitoring - SOLUM Smart Lights can monitor and collect temperature and humidity information for each room or space in real-time. You can use this temperature monitoring to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable, no matter the season.
  • It has motion detection - SOLUM Lighting’s motion detection captures movement flow. This can be used to save energy and monitor frequent movement or usage. 
  • It has harmful gas detection - This Smart lighting system can also have harmful gas detection available. This will help detect the flow of harmful gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, or other volatile organic compounds (VOC). This detection feature will help you monitor the air and your environment, and keep families safe and healthy. 
  • It has fire detection - Fire detection is also an option for SOLUM Lighting. Once the fire is detected, the lighting system will automatically alert each member of the family and will also send reports to firefighters immediately. This will help keep all residents out of harm’s way and can also prevent bigger damage and harm to neighbors.

Learn more about SOLUM Lighting Solutions for residential living now. Contact SOLUM Group to get started.

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