SOLUM Trace: The Asset Tracking System Businesses Need

SOLUM Trace: The Asset Tracking System Businesses Need

Businesses need an asset tracking system, and the answer is SOLUM Trace.

The latest electronic devices, heavy equipment, and modern appliances—these are all important investments for a company. They could be used for a business’ daily processes or operations. Or they could be products to be displayed and sold in a retail store. Whichever it is, these assets are paramount to a business’s success. This is why failure to secure and protect these will be a big mistake. 


Why is asset tracking for businesses important?

  • Prevents loss and unnecessary costs - First and foremost, this prevents asset loss and unnecessary costs. Businesses can track their assets at any given time, and ensure that they’re not losing any equipment or will not be spending money on replacements.
  • Increases equipment or product longevity - Businesses will be able to use asset tracking to assess their equipment or products as well. They will be able to see if the equipment is functioning properly and if certain products are still fresh or not.
  • Enhances security - A good asset tracking system can help tighten and improve security measures, especially in retail stores, groceries, tech stores, industrial sites, and more.
  • Improves efficiency - Having an asset tracking system will also improve efficiency and productivity within a business. Employees won’t have a hard time collecting items or checking equipment. Instead, everything can be streamlined to save time and effort. 
  • Enhances customer experience and service - Asset tracking also contributes to a better customer experience and service. Employees can use the tracking system to assist customers with their shopping or resolve their concerns about a product or service.

How does SOLUM Trace help in tracking and managing assets?
SOLUM Trace is an asset tracking solution that the SOLUM Group designed to fit every business. This Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) based asset tag tracks an asset’s location, temperature, and status. It then sends the information to a server, which can be accessed through the web or a mobile app.

Since it is compatible with third-party tools, it is also possible to use Trace to automate specific tasks such as inspections and maintenance. Apart from that, SOLUM Trace also does not require massive infrastructure to operate. And with a lifespan of up to eight years, this means a lower initial capital cost but a great investment for a business.

Here’s how SOLUM Trace can help any business effectively track and manage assets:

Stays unobtrusive to customers and staff
SOLUM Trace comes in three forms: slim tag, coin tag, and sticker tag. This makes it easy to attach it to various kinds of assets, such as laptops, carts, shipping boxes, heavy equipment, or more. This unobtrusive design won’t interfere with customer shopping, or employees performing daily tasks and processes. It stays small and won’t be a big distraction during operations. 


Improves inventory management
This kind of tag also improves how retail stores manage their inventory. SOLUM Trace allows retailers to monitor the location and quantity of their merchandise. And since the asset tracking system can be managed through the web or a mobile app, managers and employees can easily perform inventory tasks.

SOLUM Trace also takes inventory to another level as it has geofencing features available. This makes it easier for hospitals, offices, industrial sites, and more to create a virtual border and location for each asset.


Can track shipping routes
Trace also proves to be beneficial when it comes to shipping or transporting goods. Businesses will be able to track the movement of their shipment and monitor if it has safely arrived at its destination. This can also be a big breakthrough for the supply chain and logistics industries themselves. SOLUM Trace can optimize operations and enhance security for businesses in this industry


Can track product temperatures
SOLUM Trace can also be used to track product temperatures. According to SOLUM Europe VP of Sales Stefan Völkel, SOLUM Trace can track the temperatures of products like food, fish, meat, and medicine in transit. It is one way to ensure that these items are fresh and will stay fresh. This also applies to heavy equipment and devices as SOLUM Trace can make it easier to monitor the temperatures of these assets to make sure they’re not overheating and won’t be a danger to anyone. 


Helps authenticate product
Retailers as well as the customers themselves won’t have to fall victim to counterfeit and scams, too. SOLUM Trace can help prevent the circulation of counterfeit products since retailers can tag and track their own items. This will also ensure that customers receive genuine and original products that won’t in any way harm them.

Asset tracking is an essential part of businesses nowadays. Without a proper asset tracking system, simple mistakes can lead to significant losses.

Contact SOLUM Group today and get started with SOLUM Trace.

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