Portable Mug Warmer and Other Glamping Must-haves

Glamping has exploded in popularity in the last few decades. In fact, 60% of glamping businesses recorded an uptick in their bookings in 2021, compared to the previous years. This might be an effect of the pandemic and the need for isolation or social distancing. However, some people also like glamping for other reasons, such as recreation, relaxation, holiday vacations, appreciation for nature, and more. If you’re one of the people looking forward to trying glamping for the first time, you need to be prepared.


What is glamping?
Glamping, simply put, is a blend of “glamorous” and “camping”. It’s a style of camping that combines the experience of camping and being close to nature while still experiencing luxury amenities and accommodations. This means that in glamping, instead of roughing it in a traditional tent or sleeping bag, glampers typically stay in spacious tents, yurts, cabins, and other stylish and comfortable accommodations. These are also usually equipped with amenities like comfortable beds, electricity, running water, and sometimes even private bathrooms.

Glamping sites often offer activities such as hiking, fishing, and outdoor dining. This is to allow guests to enjoy and experience the beauty of nature even in a more upscale and comfortable setting.


Camping vs. Glamping: What’s the difference?
While camping and glamping both involve spending time outdoors, they offer very different experiences in terms of comfort, amenities, and overall ambiance. Glamping is a bit more convenient and lavish compared to traditional camping trips.


  • Traditional camping typically involves staying in tents and immersing oneself in nature with minimal amenities.
  • Campers often pitch their own tents, set up campfires for cooking, and rely on basic gear for sleeping and cooking.
  • Amenities are usually limited to essentials like portable toilets, communal cooking areas, and shared water sources.
  • Camping experiences vary widely, ranging from primitive backcountry camping to established campgrounds with facilities such as restrooms and picnic tables.
  • Campers usually embrace the rustic and adventurous aspects of camping, enjoying activities like hiking, fishing, and stargazing.


  • Glamping offers a more luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience.
  • Glampers typically stay in stylish and often pre-pitched accommodations and shelters.
  • Accommodations are equipped with amenities like comfortable beds, high-quality bedding, electricity, heating or air conditioning, and sometimes even private bathrooms with showers.
  • Glamping sites often provide additional amenities and services such as gourmet meals, spa treatments, guided activities, and concierge services.

The focus of glamping is relaxation and indulgence. It allows guests to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of a resort or hotel.


12 Glamping essentials and must-haves
When it comes to glamping, comfort, and convenience are key. Tools and equipment should be able to give glampers comfort while also basking in the beauty of nature. Here are some essentials and must-haves for a memorable glamping experience:


#1 Luxurious accommodation
Glamping sites and businesses have cropped up these past few years, offering their own accommodations for guests. This makes it easier for glampers to have luxurious accommodation. Choose a glamping site that offers stylish and comfortable accommodations. Some might offer spacious tents, air-conditioned tents, cabins, yurts, treehouses, and more.


#2 Outdoor gear
Depending on the activities available at your glamping site or the activities planned for your stay, consider bringing along camping outdoor gear. This includes hiking boots, fishing equipment, walking sticks or trekking poles, backpacks, navigational tools, and more. This will help ensure that you can still spend some time in nature and complete nature-related activities.


#3 Foldable and portable tables and chairs
Bringing a folding table is also a must. It’s handy for meal prep, dining, or playing games outside of the tent or cabin. Make sure to look for one that's lightweight and easy to transport. Folding chairs, lounge chairs, or even inflatable sofas are also recommended when going glamping. They can make lounging around your campsite more enjoyable.


#4 Binoculars
Make sure to bring along binoculars as well. This will be good for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, or stargazing. If you're staying in a scenic, popular location, binoculars are definitely a must so you can enjoy the nature and scenery around your site.


#5 Coffee maker or French press
For coffee lovers, a portable coffee maker or French press is a must-have. With this, glampers will be able to enjoy their morning brew outdoors while being around nature and wildlife.


#6 Portable mug warmer
A portable mug warmer is also a must for glamping. They will be able to keep coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages hot for glampers. This works well for the morning when you’re trying to have a slow morning routine or at night when you’re trying to keep warm outdoors. The SOLUM Group Smart Warmer, for example, is equipped with the RX Heating System and comes with its own wireless ceramic cup. Coffee mug warmers like this are completely safe to use and can elevate your glamping experience.


#7 Cooler or ice chest
Of course, you also need something to keep your food and drinks cool. A quality cooler or ice chest is essential for glamping. This will also help keep certain food items from being spoiled, such as meat, fish, vegetables, milk products, and more. Consider investing in a cooler or ice chest with wheels for easy transportation anywhere on the glamping site.


#8 Marshmallow roasting kit
Making s’mores is one of the highlights of any camping trip. This means having a marshmallow roasting kit is also a glamping must-have. A set of roasting sticks or skewers for making s'mores over the campfire adds a fun touch to your glamping experience. There are also pre-made kits complete with stainless steel forks, rods, and more.


#9 Solar-powered lights
Solar lights are also a must when it comes to camping or glamping. Invest in solar-powered lanterns or string lights to illuminate your campsite at night without the need for batteries or electricity. This will also help when taking a night stroll or stargazing outdoors.


#10 Firestarter kits
Ensure you have a reliable fire starter kit with you on your glamping trip as well. This includes matches, a lighter, and fire starter sticks or cubes. Firestarter kits will make it easier for you to build proper campfires and cook food for the day. These kits will also be good for emergencies.


#11 Emergency and medical supplies
Of course, emergency medical supplies are also essential. Accidents might happen while you’re out in the wilderness. And while glamping is already a glamorous type of camping, it doesn’t exactly prevent trips, falls, cuts, bad weather conditions, or natural disasters. Always be prepared for emergencies by packing a camping first-aid kit, flashlights, and other safety essentials for the trip.


#12 Cameras or smartphones
Lastly, cameras and smartphones can complete the glamping experience, helping you capture incredible moments from the first day until the last one. Glampers can capture and document the beautiful scenery and moments shared with loved ones.

Glamping is another unique experience, different from traditional camping. Keep a packing list and remember these essentials the next time you go glamping with family or friends. Binoculars, a cooler, a portable mug warmer, and first aid kits, can all create a safe and memorable experience with nature.

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