Is Slow Charging Better for an EV Battery?

Is Slow Charging Better for an EV Battery?

If you own and drive an electric vehicle, you’ve already probably asked yourself which is better—slow charger or fast charger? It’s not wrong to compare the two. In fact, it’s necessary to compare them so you know what’s suitable for you and your EV. Now your mind might lean into fast charging immediately because of the speed. However, slow charging also has its own undeniable advantages that many EV drivers prefer.

So now, the question: is slow charging better for an EV battery?


What is a slow charger for EVs?
A slow EV charger is a type of electric vehicle charger that uses alternating current or AC to provide power. Its typical power output ranges between 1 kW to 19 kW, and it uses a standard 120-volt outlet or a dedicated circuit with 240 volts. Slow chargers use common household sockets to charge. More often than not, they come in the form of 3-pin plug EV chargers.

Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging speeds are known as the Slow chargers. They use AC to charge EV batteries and takes 10 hours to charge an electric vehicle to maximum capacity. Despite this, slow chargers are popular among EV drivers and owners. SOLUM Slow EV Chargers, for example, are also known for affordable charging solutions.


Pros of Slow EV Chargers
Slow chargers like the SOLUM Slow EV Chargers are a good choice for safe and reliable EV charging. They can be a smart investment for private EV owners or business owners offering EV charging solutions. Take a look at the pros and benefits of Slow EV chargers here: 


They’re cost-effective
Slow EV chargers (AC chargers) are known to be less expensive than the DCFC or direct-current fast chargers. These charges use low voltage, generate less heat, and experience less energy loss over long distances. This means installing a slow charger for your EV requires a lower investment. All of this makes slow EV chargers a cost-effective solution for EV owners.


They’re reliable and convenient
Slow EV charging is also known to be a reliable and convenient solution. This is because you can use a slow AC charger at your home. People can use it for overnight charging, so their electric vehicles are fully charged in the morning. You can also use it to charge electric vehicles in the daytime while you work from home or finish chores and errands around the house. This kind of EV charging might be slow, but reliable as it uses low tension and allows ample time for ion stabilization.


They keep your EV safe
Another thing is that slow chargers keep electric vehicles safe. They usually have comprehensive protection features for secure charging. Some AC charging solutions also have an LED display with an intuitive interface, which allows users to easily monitor their charging status and adjust their charging settings. This way, EV charging is safe and secure for every situation.


They’re good for the battery’s long-term health
Slow EV charging is also a good choice if you want to prolong the battery life of your EV. Slow EV charging keeps your battery healthy by keeping it within specified charging temperatures, reducing the heat, and lowering the risk of battery degradation over time. This means you don’t need to worry about overheating, draining the battery quickly, or having to make frequent trips to outlets or charging stations.


Cons of Slow EV Chargers
As suitable as slow chargers are, you also need to consider some of their disadvantages if you want to answer the question “Is slow charging better for an EV battery”. Here are the cons of slow EV charging. 


They charge slowly
Of course, the main setback of AC chargers is the fact that they charge slowly. An AC Level 2 Home charger can take up to 4-11 hours to charge an electric vehicle. Meanwhile, some Level 1 chargers take as much as 40-50 hours to completely charge an all-electric battery. This is why overnight charging is preferred for slow EV chargers. 


They’re mostly installed at homes or residential properties
Another disadvantage of slow EV chargers is their availability. Slow-charging solutions are mostly installed in private homes and residential properties. It’s the fast chargers that are mostly found at public establishments or locations like malls, workplaces, high-traffic road stops, and more. This means if you want to charge or travel the next day, you need to make sure you charge your electric vehicles at home.


They can be a fire hazard if not handled properly
And probably one of the biggest setbacks for slow EV chargers is that it can result in fire if not handled properly. This is because running a domestic socket close to its maximum 3kW capacity puts a strain on your circuit, the cables, and the socket itself. This unfortunately has the potential to cause serious problems for residential properties. You need to monitor your charging and create a secure environment to avoid worst-case scenarios, like overheating or fires.


So is a slow-charging EV better?
The short answer? It depends on you as the EV owner and driver. If you don’t travel a lot for work or even for leisure, and you spend a lot of time at home or only within your city, then the answer is yes. Slow-charging EV is better.


Not only is this an inexpensive and practical EV charging solution for you, but it’s also the most ideal for your lifestyle. You won’t need fast charging in between travels and rest stops. You also don’t need to worry about any charging or range anxiety. Your battery life can be as safe and healthy as it is as well.

In conclusion, slow EV chargers are reliable, convenient, and good for your EV battery health. In a lot of ways, slow charging can be better for you.


SOLUM Slow EV Chargers as a Solution
Get SOLUM Slow EV Chargers for your electric vehicles for a hassle-free charging experience now! Some of the AC charger features include:


  • Customizable Charging Speed
  • Wide Output Voltage Range
  • Weather-Resistant Design
  • Compact and Versatile Design
  • Advance Safety Features
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • User-Friendly Interface


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