How to Use Industrial Tracker for Construction Safety

How to Use Industrial Tracker for Construction Safety

Contractors can now enhance construction safety with the SOLUM Industrial Tracker, a smart tracker solution that for monitoring the locations of workers, equipment, and tools on site. 

Construction remains one of the most dangerous industries to work in this day. In 2021, nearly 1 in 5 workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry in the United States alone. The industry accounted for 46.2% of all fatal falls, slips, and trips that year. It’s never a bad time to review and reinforce construction safety.

Construction safety is a principle or standard adhered to and enforced on construction sites. It can include following specific protocols, developing guidelines and safety precautions, or maybe even using a tracker for construction safety. All these methods help maintain safety on a site.


Why is construction safety essential?
Construction safety is important on any construction or project site. In fact, it should always be a priority. Here are a few reasons why safety is of utmost importance and why good construction safety can change everything. 


It reduces workplace accidents
Of course, construction safety is first and foremost about the health and well-being of your workers. They are the ones working on the construction site and will be the first ones at risk because of poor construction safety. Work-related injuries and fatalities can happen easily, including falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects, and being caught in or between objects. Following safety protocols and guidelines will reduce and prevent these accidents. They will also keep your workers out of harm’s way.


It protects the public
Good construction safety also keeps the public safe. It’s not only your own workers that you should be mindful of. The regular people going to their own workplaces, students going to school, the families that live within the area—these are people that can and will be affected by carelessness on construction sites. These people should be protected from falling debris, too much dust inhalation, exposure to dangerous chemicals, and more.


It secures machinery and the property
Construction safety also involves securing all machines and equipment and protecting the property or location. If this equipment is not handled properly, it might lead to multiple faulty machines and accidents. Fires and collisions can also lead to significant structural damage to the property and other nearby establishments. 


It reduces training costs or other financial losses
In the United States alone, the annual cost construction companies spend on workplace injuries is as big as $11 billion. Proper construction safety can prevent this type of financial loss. This means you won’t have to spend money on training replacements for any injured workers, as well as on employee treatment and medication. Or acquiring new equipment to replace damaged ones.

Moreover, project delays, increased insurance premiums, legal liabilities, lawsuits, and any investigations can be avoided. These can all lead to unnecessary costs that might affect the organization or company in more ways than one.


It builds a credible reputation
And of course, good construction safety builds credibility and trust. Taking safety protocols into account represents a trustworthy company or organization. Having proper guidelines and technology to safeguard your workers will also enhance your reputation. It establishes you as a responsible manager or organization as a whole. Someone who prioritizes quality and safety, not just for the sake of the company, but also for the individual workers themselves.


How can the SOLUM Industrial Tracker be used for construction safety?
Apart from safety protocols and guidelines, compliance with legal requirements, and clear communication between workers and managers, technology is also needed to ensure construction safety.

SOLUM Group has developed the SOLUM Industrial Tracker as a total worker and asset tracking solution. This specialized GPS tracker has various applications in the industrial environment. It uses LoRa network technology to provide real-time and accurate location tracking of workers and other assets across construction sites. This makes the SOLUM Industrial Tracker a worthy solution to enhance safety on a construction site.


Here’s how you can use the SOLUM Industrial Tracker for construction safety:


It can be used to track workers for safety
The SOLUM Industrial Tracker serves as a tracking device for construction safety. It can easily be attached to the workers’ helmets and hard hats for real-time tracking. Managers and supervisors can then easily track movements, see where they’re working, or if they’re about to approach dangerous equipment. This will help ensure safety among workers and identify potential hazards in the field.


It can be used to monitor equipment and assets
This tracker for construction safety doesn’t only work for workers and employees, it also works for various equipment. Supervisors will be able to see the location of every machine on the construction site and prevent unauthorized usage or even theft. It can also be used to warn supervisors if workers are about to come into contact with this equipment. This strengthens communication and improves safety measures to prevent any accidents.


It can be used to manage workers on site
The SOLUM Industrial Tracker can also be a handy tool when managing workers on-site. Supervisors can easily track the location of workers, count the number of workers present on site, check if they’re working or adhering to safety guidelines, and more.


It can be used to optimize workflow and operations
Having a tracking device for construction safety can also impact workflow and operations. Supervisors can use the SOLUM Industrial Tracker to track movements and locations, and then analyze the data to identify bottlenecks or complications. Once these have been identified, supervisors can then develop a much more optimized workflow. This will streamline daily operations on site and improve overall efficiency and employee welfare.


It can be used for compliance
Of course, having a worker and asset tracking solution can also help ensure compliance with regulations. Most construction companies and sites need to comply with certain standards and regulations. Supervisors can use the SOLUM Industrial Tracker to maintain compliance records and ensure that workers are following necessary protocols. This is another step toward safety commitment and responsibility.


Safety will always be important on every construction site, and it’s a good thing there is a technology that can help keep workers and assets safe.


Talk to SOLUM experts today and get started on a tracking solution for the safety of your construction projects.



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