How to Create a Smart Mall Retail System

How to Create a Smart Mall Retail System

Smart malls seem like a brand-new concept to a lot of people. But in actuality, the idea of a smart small is not far off. Smart technology can be applied to various components of a shopping mall. Modern innovation can enhance operations and boost the shopping experience for everyone—from shoppers to retail staff.

So how do we create a smart mall? SOLUM Group has the answer.


How are innovative shopping malls changing the game?
Innovative smart malls can be a groundbreaking addition to a neighborhood or a city. It makes things easier for a lot of consumers, while also boosting the economy and the livelihoods of retailers and employees. Here’s exactly how a smart mall is changing the game:

  1. They push back on online shopping
    Online shopping has become a big competitor for brick-and-mortar stores in recent years. Since 2022, 21% of the world’s retail sales are now online. Smart malls, however, boost brick-and-mortar and allow shoppers to patronize traditional shopping. Malls with interactive mall maps, mall mobile apps, gamification, and wayfinding apps allow shoppers to appreciate shopping in physical stores more.
  2. They make shopping an engaging and holistic experience
    Shopping doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or headache-inducing. With all the features and capabilities of smart technology in malls, shoppers can have a more engaging and holistic experience. No more getting lost, waiting in line for hours at checkout, disorganized stores, and more.

  3. They help retailers and business owners save money
    Smart features and technology can reduce operational costs in all the stores and the entire mall. Smart malls have smart lighting, climate control, electronic shelf labels, and more. All of these can help save energy, electricity, and paper usage, which will help the mall and retailers save money in the long run.

  4. They help increase returns
    Along with reduced costs, higher profits can also be expected in a smart mall. This is because smart malls drive more shoppers inside the mall. And more shoppers, in turn, mean more profit for the stores and the entire mall.

  5. They analyze shopper movement
    Some smart malls also analyze shopper movement. Shopper movement allows malls and retailers to anticipate shopper behavior. Stores will be more prepared on the weekends. This can help the mall assign more security staff to locations with high foot traffic. They can also place kiosks, marketing materials, and other information in places with a high volume of people.

  6. They create a welcoming and comfortable environment
    Smart malls have the right features to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Ambient and smart lighting, automated climate controls, air quality sensors, and floor cleanliness—all these will work together to make the indoor environment safe and habitable for all shoppers and store employees.

  7. They have stronger safety and security
    Smart malls have the chance to strengthen their security details and safety measures. Smart technology can help automate locks, security cameras, and more. However, it can also provide necessary data to adjust security personnel within the day or for certain events and seasons.

  8. They add to sustainability efforts
    And of course, smart malls also contribute positively to the environment, unlike other non-smart malls. This is because smart technology allows them to reduce energy, paper usage, electricity, garbage, and more. UK retail alone is responsible for approximately 215 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Smart malls have a chance to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

How SOLUM Group solutions can make a difference in the development of smart malls
SOLUM Group continues to develop cutting-edge technologies that empower businesses and individual lives. Right now, it has various innovative solutions that can revolutionize shopping malls, from individual stores to the entire establishment as a whole. Here’s how to create a smart mall with SOLUM solutions:


Get Newton ESL for shelf labels
SOLUM’s Newton labels are more than ideal for retail stores inside a smart mall. These electronic shelf labels will replace traditional paper price tags, enhance inventory and stock management, reduce manual labor, and add product finder features to a retail store. It can even connect physical inventory with online stores through Aims software. What’s more, is that different stores inside the mall can take advantage of the different variations of Newton labels.

For example, Newton X can be used by fashion stores and clothing retailers. With its compact and lightweight design, Newton X labels are the most suitable for fabrics, items of clothing, accessories, and other high-fashion items. It won’t weigh down delicate items, and it won’t distract shoppers from looking at the design of the product.

Newton Freezer labels can be used for ice cream stores, gelato shops, meat shops, and grocery stores. These labels are specifically made to withstand cold temperatures so that they can still show accurate prices and necessary product information. They operate at a temperature range of -25°C to 0°C, which makes Newton ESL the best freezer label.

Newton TOUCH, on the other hand, can be used in beauty and cosmetic stores in the mall. Newton TOUCH is SOLUM’s interactive digital signage solution. This means these labels are highly engaging and informative and will encourage customers to know more about a specific product.

Other Newton ESL for smart mall stores features include:

  • 10x price update speed
  • 7-color LED
  • Easy locking system and battery replacement
  • Location-based service (LBS) enabled
  • 2 interactive buttons
  • Built-in protection cover
  • Customizable design
  • NFC capability
  • Powerful Aims software deployable on Site, Cloud, and as SaaS

Install SOLUM Retail Lights for every store
SOLUM Retail Lights can transform every store in a smart mall. These lights utilize LED lighting technology, which elevates the customer experience. These lights also have customizable lighting, aesthetic illumination design, easy installation and maintenance, long lifespan and durability, and energy efficiency. SOLUM Retail Lights are perfect for home decor stores, clothing stores, department stores, and more.


Use SOLUM Trace to track assets
For asset tracking and management in smart malls, SOLUM Trace is here. SOLUM Trace are asset tags powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so retailers can track their most important assets. It also allows users to monitor the asset’s temperature and status. As a result, it makes asset inventory, shipping management, and in-store product management more streamlined.

Smart mall stores can take advantage of the versatile SOLUM Trace options—sticker tag, slim tag, and coin tag—for better attachment and tracking. Tech stores can track gadgets and devices, mall markets can track their shopping carts, and even maintenance can track their equipment.


Install SOLUM EV Fast Chargers for shoppers with electric vehicles
EV fast chargers can also help create or enhance a smart mall. SOLUM EV Fast Chargers offer convenience and reliable technology for shoppers who drive electric vehicles. They’re designed to provide high-speed charging, as well as advanced monitoring and control capabilities. These will attract more shoppers to the smart mall, and reassure them that their EVs will be charged just in time to get home after shopping.

Other features include:

  • Fast charging technology
  • Universal compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust and durable
  • Advance safety features
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for outdoor use with an IP54 rating

Install SOLUM Smart Street Lights for parking lots

Getting smart street lights for a smart mall’s outdoor parking lot is also possible with SOLUM. SOLUM Smart Street Lights have a wide range of features and integrations to provide modern lighting solutions for outdoor applications. Smart street lights like this will keep the mall’s parking lot illuminated throughout the night and will ensure safety and security for shoppers.


Its advanced sensors and energy-saving technology ensure maximum lighting efficiency and safety. The intelligent fault detection and centralized system management also make it easy to monitor and analyze data, as well as control and optimize the lights’ performance.


SOLUM has innovative and modern solutions that can transform the shopping experience and build smart malls. Dive more into these solutions now and talk to SOLUM Group experts.

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