How to Avoid Losing Shopping Carts with IoT

How to Avoid Losing Shopping Carts with IoT

Did you know that losing shopping carts in grocery stores, supermarkets, and big-box stores are more common than you think?

Shopping cart theft has become a huge problem in recent years. An estimate of over 2 million shopping carts are stolen per year. Retailers in the U.S. are estimated to lose millions of dollars annually, just by replacing carts that are stolen, damaged, or lost.

To prevent losing shopping carts, some stores use wheel locks or wheel clamps, and some put up barriers and posts. Some utilize a cart retrieval service as well. However, the most effective answer is SOLUM Trace, a modern asset tracking solution from SOLUM Group.


What is the impact of lost or stolen shopping carts?
Though losing shopping carts might not seem all that crucial at first, it can affect a lot of stores and companies in more ways than one. Here are some of the significant impacts of losing shopping carts:

  • Large cost for replacement - Without shopping carts and failure to retrieve them, stores will be forced to get replacements. Carts typically cost between $75 and $150 each, with some models costing $300 to $400. This will be a costly problem for stores and will not be good for business.
  • Loss of revenue and sales - Revenue loss can also be expected, especially from shoppers who can’t find carts for themselves when they come to the store. They will most likely leave and choose other establishments, and stores with lost shopping carts will lose sales and revenue.
  • Cost of paying staff to retrieve carts - Asking staff to retrieve carts can also cost the stores. It either takes away from their time or prevents them from doing other important tasks. Or it will result in unnecessary overtime for the staff.
  • Municipal fines related to cart retrieval and storage - Stores are also at risk of being fined for improper shopping cart storage and collection. For example, in 2022, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, fined Walmart $23k after it was found to be violating the town’s stray shopping cart bylaw. This bylaw requires all shopping carts to be labeled by their owner and establishes a $100 fine if the carts are confiscated by the Department of Public Works.
  • Negative brand image and reputation - Stores that can’t secure assets like shopping carts and don’t have some sort of protocol or security measures will have their brand image and reputation affected as well. The public will begin to see these stores as untrustworthy or substandard. It will take a lot of effort to fix a negative reputation like this.
  • Loss of loyal customers - And of course, loss of loyal customers can also be expected. After all, shopping carts are part of the customer experience and customer service in stores. If they can’t give their shoppers a satisfactory experience, then they might lose loyal and regular customers.
  • Unfortunate accidents - Abandoned or damaged shopping carts can also pose a problem for public safety. They can block intersections, sidewalks, bus stops, and even handicap spots. These carts can also clog up creeks and rivers, which is not good for the environment and might harm other animals.

How can you use SOLUM Trace to avoid losing shopping carts?
SOLUM Trace is an innovative aIoT device and asset tracking system that can help stores avoid losing shopping carts as well as profits. It’s equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, has a slim and unobtrusive design, and has a built-in temperature sensor. All of these can be useful when it comes to tracking carts in stores. Here’s how stores can use SOLUM Trace to avoid shopping cart theft and loss:


Track shopping carts anywhere in the establishment
Groceries, superstores, department stores, and more can use the SOLUM Trace to track shopping carts. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, it lets stores track any asset with ease. Staff will be able to retrieve every shopping cart left in the parking lot, distant aisles, fitting rooms, and more. Because of this, inventory and storage can be streamlined, and staff can lock up stores much faster than usual.


Label shopping carts properly
SOLUM Trace asset tags are fully customizable in design. This means stores can print anything on it, such as the brand name, logo, and barcode. This will make shopping cart labeling easier. Shoppers will be reassured that they’re using proper shopping carts owned by the store.

Proper labels also make it easier for outsiders, bystanders, and other staff to recognize the shopping carts. In case they get abandoned or are left a little further away from the establishment, people will know which store the carts belong to.


Monitor cart retrieval and storage processes
Cart retrieval and storage processes are also better with a solution like SOLUM Trace. Managers and supervisors can use this to make sure that shopping carts are being retrieved in the middle of the day or at the end of the shift. They will also be able to double-check if every cart is already stored and secured before lock-up.


Eliminate manual labor and save time
With an asset tracking system like the SOLUM Trace, stores will be able to digitize most of their processes and workflows. This is a great way to eliminate or reduce manual labor. Store employees will have more time to do important tasks, rather than running off to various parts of the establishment to look for stray shopping carts. With just a few clicks, they will be able to track carts and know exactly where they are.


SOLUM Trace as an asset tracking solution
SOLUM Group developed the SOLUM Trace as a reliable asset tracking solution for every kind of business. For groceries and superstores, this is the best solution to track and secure shopping carts. It’s easy, modern, unobtrusive, and it’s even ideal for people with disabilities or shoppers with heavy purchases.

Here are some SOLUM Trace features that will help prevent their shopping cart loss:


  • BLE-powered asset tags (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Digitized workflow
  • Long battery life
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultra-slim and versatile design
  • Various size and attachment options
  • Customizable design


Ready to take the next step and protect shopping carts and avoid losses? Get SOLUM Trace for your stores now. Talk to SOLUM Group today and get started.

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