How Can Smart Street Lights Modernize a City

How Can Smart Street Lights Modernize a City

Streetlights are an important part of the city, especially if modernization is the goal. Now, modern lighting solutions are needed. Not just because people need to embrace technology, but also because modern lighting has various benefits that can bring convenience like no other.

SOLUM recognizes this and has brought forth a revolutionary way of lighting up the streets. SOLUM Smart Street Lights blends technology, efficiency, and performance to innovate cities and improve lives.

So how can smart street lights modernize a city? Here are several ways:


It increases traffic safety
Smart street lights can make streets and public spaces safer. With better visibility and modern technology, it can create a better place for the people. It automatically increases brightness on accident-prone roads for the safety of drivers and residents. Apart from that, traffic flow can be optimized and congestion can be reduced to improve transportation and the daily commute. 


It provides efficient lighting functions
SOLUM Smart Street Lights are powered by IoT technology, giving them better efficient lighting functionality.

For example, once a SOLUM Smart Street Light detects an approaching vehicle, it will be able to detect its speed and direction as well. Once done, that smart street light will communicate with the other smart street lights and transmit dimming control commands to the others. The next five street lights will then adjust their brightness and turn it up to 100% for the vehicle passing by. This is how smart street lights can efficiently operate, not just for the welfare of motorists but also for energy-saving purposes.


It centralizes system management
SOLUM Smart Street Lights are equipped with a centralized dashboard. This would enable real-time monitoring, data analytics, and better overall control over the entire system. This would optimize operations and management, making it easier for the traffic authorities to be in control.

Fault detection and maintenance will also be easier since there is an intelligent fault detection system that will monitor the lights for defects or errors. This would lessen the labor, time, and effort of the staff responsible for streetlight maintenance.


It connects with a smart city ecosystem
A smart city needs a reliable smart street lighting system to contribute to the modernization of the city. SOLUM Smart Street Lights can be integrated into existing infrastructure. With a NEMA-7 type smart node, these street lights are compatible with a wide range of smart city devices and infrastructure. Once connected, it will create an efficient smart city ecosystem. 


It reduces energy consumption and costs
Smart street lights l are energy-efficient and cost-effective. Illumination levels can be controlled remotely or automatically. The lights also maintain basic dimming levels until they detect new vehicles approaching. This is because these smart street lights are equipped with advanced LED technology and smart controls to optimize energy consumption and lessen light pollution in the city.


It helps monitor the environment
Being able to monitor the environment is an example of how smart street lights can modernize a city. SOLUM Smart Street Lights have environmental sensors that can measure quality, temperature, humidity, and noise levels. All of this data can be used to bring warnings and reminders to residents, manage pollution levels, and take the initiative to improve the health and well-being of citizens.


It provides valuable insights
SOLUM Smart Street Lights is also capable of providing valuable insights that can be used and analyzed to improve the city. This includes the amount of traffic and the average speed by road section and time. Air quality, traffic flow, and other parameters can be monitored and recorded as well. The valuable information is all made possible by the multiple ranges of sensors equipped with smart street lights. These are the environmental sensors, radiofrequency, and radar sensors that work together to get insights about the city.

Figuring out how can smart street lights modernize a city is easy if you see the many benefits. Fortunately, SOLUM has modern lighting solutions for modern cities.

Contact SOLUM Group today and get started. 

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