How Biosensor TWS can Help in Home Health Care

How Biosensor TWS can Help in Home Health Care

Providing home health care is a tough job. Every patient is not like the other, and the care or services being provided are always not the same. Professional caregivers should have the expertise, patience, and compassion to do the job well. The addition of advanced technology, however, can help. SOLUM Group’s Biosensor TWS is the healthcare technology professional caregivers and home health aides need.

Home Health Care Definition and Types
Home health care refers to any kind of treatment and health care services that are done or given at home instead of in a hospital. It comes in many forms—every single one of them is different and may require different kinds of work and care.

Some of the most known types of home health care include:

Doctor care
Private nursing care or home health nursing
Physical, occupational, speech therapy
Medical social services
Personal care and companionship
Home health aide care
Outpatient care

Home health care is usually for the elderly, the injured needing therapy, people with chronic health issues, patients with special needs or disabilities, the immunocompromised, outpatients needing home care assistance, or more. SOLUM Group has a solution that can enhance home health care.

6 Ways the Biosensor TWS Helps in Home Health Care
The Biosensor TWS is a healthcare innovation from SOLUM Group. It’s a combination of the latest true wireless stereo (TWS) hardware in the market, a smart fitness mobile app, and biosensor technology. As a whole, it’s equipped with built-in biosensors, real-time voice coach, Motion Artifact Cancellation algorithm, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and up to 24 Hours of usage.

The Biosensor TWS can be a transformative solution for various patients needing home health care. The incorporation of this biosensor to caregiving and homecare is a great advantage to home health care companies, individual caregivers and aides, and even patients themselves.

If you unlock all of its potential and use every feature, you have a powerful health and fitness solution. Here are several ways the SOLUM Biosensor TWS can help in home health care.

It can help caregivers be more efficient
Without a doubt, caregivers and home health aides can be more efficient with the Biosensor TWS. This biosensor can help them monitor the health of their patients using just the mobile app in their hands.

This means they’ll be able to manage their time and their tasks better. For patients requiring round-the-clock care, caregivers can use the biosensor to make sure their patients are healthy even at night. This kind of healthcare technology can make it easier for professionals to provide the necessary care to patients. 

It can help care for the elderly
Caring and home health nursing for the elderly can be a demanding job. With Biosensor TWS, however, caregivers can provide care and assistance to the elderly with few complications. They can check stress levels to see if the patient is more at risk for various heart issues and strokes. Caregivers can also check the number of steps to keep elderly patients active and moving.

Elderly patients who don’t like interacting with people can still get the home health care they need with this biosensor. This is because caregivers can use the biosensor and the mobile app to monitor the patients even if they’re alone in another room, or some other part of the house.

It helps improve the quality of life of patients
The Biosensor TWS is a revolutionary tool that can help improve anyone's quality of life. This is, of course, beneficial for caregivers and home health carers who are actively looking forward to helping their patients in any way.

Monitoring heart rates, temperatures, posture, and stress levels will allow the carers to further assess their patients’ health. They can make adjustments and form a plan to improve their patients’ well being based on these data. Carers can also take advantage of this technology to be prepared for any sickness and look out for symptoms or abnormalities so they can provide a better quality of life for the patients.

It’s a good solution for the immunocompromised
Caregivers and home carers assisting immunocompromised patients will also find a favorable solution with the Biosensor TWS. People who are immunocompromised are more likely to get sick immediately or get sick longer. It’s also probable that they can’t get out of their homes and interact with numerous people every day.

The Biosensor TWS allows caregivers and aides to still give them the proper care that they need. They will be able to monitor the health of their patients even when they are in another room, check their temperature and heart rates at night, help them with their daily exercises, and more.

It can send alerts for temperature or immediate concerns
24/7 temperature tracking is also a part of the Biosensor TWS. Caregivers and home health aides monitor their patients and their temperatures with ease. They will be alerted if the temperature is slightly higher than normal or if patients have full-fledged fevers. This will help caregivers be more confident and feel secure.

It can help in physical therapy or other exercises
Biosensor TWS can also help with physical therapies, workouts, or any exercise for the patients. The mobile fitness app that comes with this innovation will help therapists track their clients’ heart rate and temperature. This can also be used to input health and fitness goals, so they can track progress and every achievement.

Figures like the number of steps, calories burned, stress levels, and more can be monitored. This can make for more efficient physical therapy or exercise, and ensure that every patient is healthy and safe.


Home health care is taxing, but a solution like Biosensor TWS will keep professional caregivers and home aides one step ahead.

Know more about the SOLUM Biosensor now. Contact us to get started.

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