Best Travel Tips: Using SOLUM Smart Tag

Best Travel Tips: Using SOLUM Smart Tag

Traveling, while exciting most of the time can also be taxing. Lost baggage, stolen personal effects, missing clothes—these are just some of the most common problems and frustrations that people will encounter while traveling. In fact, in the USA alone, millions of bags get lost in airports every year. It doesn’t matter if someone is a frequent traveler or a first-time tourist, knowing the best travel tips can help prevent these hurdles.


Some of the most popular travel tips include packing light, using a small suitcase, making extra copies of passports and other documents, as well as taking pictures of your luggage or clothes for extra security. However, if efficiency and security are your top priorities when traveling, then the SOLUM Smart Tag is a must. 


SOLUM Smart Tag is one of the best travel tips
The SOLUM Smart Tag is a portable and powerful tracking tag. With a lightweight design, this BLE-network (Bluetooth Low Energy) based tracker will seamlessly fit into your belongings.

Once it’s set up and connected to the SmartThings app, users will be able to easily track and secure their items and possessions through a mobile phone. This makes the SOLUM Smart Tag one of the best travel tips and hacks in this day and age.


Good for bags and luggage
The SOLUM Smart Tag is good for any kind of bag or luggage while traveling. Simply attach or hook the tag to a piece of luggage and connect it to the mobile app. This saves people the time they would spend looking for their bags. They also don’t have to worry about loss or theft, as they can make sure that their clothes and other belongings are in the right place. This also helps people save money on any other unnecessary travel costs.


Can be used for important keys and wallets
Car keys, apartment keys, and wallets are essential when traveling. However, they can get lost or be misplaced easily since they’re small. There’s a chance you might misplace them even when you are not traveling! According to a survey in the UK, people spend 1460 minutes per year looking for their car keys. But you can avoid losing your keys with SOLUM Smart Tag.


The tracker itself is small and lightweight as well, so it won’t be too bulky or heavy. It can then be used to track the location of keys and wallets in case the users lose them. And it can be a great solution in case they get stolen. 


It also works on pets
Traveling with pets is always fun, but it can also get demanding. Exploring a new city or country can be stressful for your pets, especially if they haven’t traveled before. This might agitate them, and lead them to run away and get lost. The SOLUM Smart Tag can be attached to these pets as well. They can be located for their own safety while traveling.


Has 80m area coverage
With a dynamic tracking tag like this, users will be able to track any item from their phone within 80 meters. The long-range tracking coverage ensures that users can locate their items instantly. The Buzz to Locate function also makes it simple to alert and signal the users to the location of their personal effects and valuables. 


It can fit any style or aesthetic
The SOLUM Smart Tag comes in different colors, including black, white, and navy. It also comes with a variety of special leather cases and strings in multiple colors to make it easier for users to attach or hook it to any item. The tag can then be used as a bag tag, keychain, pendant, or accessory.

This makes a great solution for lifestyle vloggers, travel influencers, models, and any other professionals who are frequent travelers. This makes it easy for the Smart Tag to fit any style or aesthetic people are going for on any specific trip.

Traveling can get complicated nowadays. But knowing the best travel tips and equipping yourself with the SOLUM Smart Tag is a game changer.

Find things easier and travel smarter now. Talk to SOLUM today for your Smart Tag solutions.

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