Benefits of Solar Street Lights in Communities

Benefits of Solar Street Lights in Communities

There are several benefits of using solar street lights instead of ordinary street lights connected to the electricity grid. While common street lights can simply light up roads, sidewalks, and other outdoor public areas, solar street lights can do so much more.

Switching to solar street lights can result in more favorable community conditions including reducing the community's energy costs, having outdoor lighting even during citywide blackouts, and increasing the safety and security in areas with no electricity.

1. They reduce energy costs
One of the main benefits of solar street lights is the reduced energy costs. Since they’re solar-powered, they only rely on sunlight. With this, they can produce their own electricity, turn it into light, and illuminate rural and urban communities. With less money spent on powering street lights, more funds can be allocated to community improvements and other local projects for the residents. 

2. They enhance safety within the community
While ordinary street lights provide illumination at night, solar street lights provide illumination even without electricity. Ordinary street lights will not work during citywide blackouts, but solar street lights will still work. Families and children living in off-the-grid remote areas or in cities covered by blackouts can walk at night without the fear of danger. Crime detection and prevention can also be improved with the help of good lighting in dark alleys, evenings, and night times. According to a study conducted by the University of Sheffield, evening and night crimes such as robbery decrease in brighter or well-lit areas. Criminals or any wrongdoers will avoid doing anything suspicious. Law enforcement will also have better chances of apprehending perpetrators.  

3. They help increase accessibility
Another benefit of solar street lights is the road visibility they can provide in rural and remote areas that do not have electricity. Road visibility provided by solar-powered street lights allows residents, tourists, vehicles transporting goods, and general motorists to access parts of the rural area that most people cannot reach before due to the absence of electric power. With solar street lights, people in rural areas can easily navigate roads and paths to reach important establishments and businesses at night or during the dark. 

4. They are sustainable
Of course, sustainability is one of the benefits of solar street lights. This eco-friendly lighting solution has a lower carbon footprint than conventional lighting. In a study in 2017, it was reported that switching to modern lighting (solar street lights, LED street lights) reduced carbon emissions by 570 million tons. And since they are powered by solar energy, and renewable energy, solar street lights do not emit harmful gases into the environment. 

5. They have intelligent features
Since solar street lights are an example of modern lighting solutions, more advanced technology can be incorporated into them. For example, SOLUM's Solar Street Lights are equipped with intelligent power control that allows it to conserve its own battery life by dimming the lights when the battery capacity falls below a certain threshold to ensure that the lights remain operational for as long as possible.

SOLUM Solar Street Lights also have an intelligent Battery Management System or BMS that helps prevent the lighting solutions' battery from overcharging and over-discharging to avoid battery damage and power failure.

6. They are easy to install and maintain
Unlike other street lights, solar-powered street lights do no require electrical wrings and connections in order to power their LEDs. This makes them an ideal lighting solution in off-the-grid rural areas and for communities looking for lighting solutions that are easy to install and maintain.

While other street lights require tedious wiring work during installation, solar street lights do not. They can be installed in various locations with minimal effort. They also require little maintenance throughout their lifespan and have no recurring costs. Some solar street lights also have sensors that can automatically detect errors or faults and report them. For communities with limited resources, this is an ideal lighting solution.

7. They help improve quality of life
Good solar-powered lighting can also help improve the quality of life for residents. Having proper lighting in a community can open up new possibilities and opportunities. People have more chances to do outdoor activities, socialize with friends and neighbors, and be creative even at night. This is a good opportunity to build a better community and sense of belonging.

With improved safety, better visibility, lower costs, sustainability, and more, solar street lights are a good addition to communities of every kind. 

If you’re looking forward to transforming streets and communities through solar-powered lighting, let SOLUM Group help. Talk to our experts today.

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