Achieving Better Quality of Life with Biosensor TWS

Achieving Better Quality of Life with Biosensor TWS

Modern technology is known to make our lives easier and more convenient. And every day, new technology is being developed not just to make things easier, but also to improve people’s quality of life. This is where the SOLUM Group comes in with its advanced healthcare solutions and biosensor technology. The Biosensor TWS was developed so it could ultimately help enhance the quality of life.


What is the SOLUM Biosensor TWS?
SOLUM Biosensor TWS is a pair of earbuds built with sensors that can determine body temperature and pulse rate and can be connected to a mobile application on a smartphone. It is the latest true wireless stereo (TWS) hardware on the market with the proper technology for health data and fitness goals. This biosensor can monitor people’s health, assist them through workouts, or help them through any outdoor training or activity.

This biosensor was developed by SOLUM to help those who live an active lifestyle and for people who want the chance to enhance their lives. Athletes, workout and fitness enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and more can take advantage of the SOLUM Biosensor TWS to improve their performance as well as their overall health.

Here are several features that help in achieving a better quality of life with Biosensor TWS:

  • Built-in biosensor for temperature
  • Built-in biosensor for heart rate
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Real-time voice coach and coaching algorithm via app
  • Motion Artifact Cancellation Algorithm
  • Corrective Position and Balance
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • More than 24 hours of usage

How can the Biosensor TWS help achieve a better quality of life?
The Biosensor TWS has the technology to assist people and help them toward their long-term goals. Whether it is better health, better athletic performance, better stamina, or a better lifestyle altogether, SOLUM Biosensor TWS has all the features to help. Take a look at how this innovative pair of earbuds can guide people toward achieving a better quality of life:


It monitors posture and heart rate during every workout or training session
The Biosensor TWS is a handy tool for any workout, training session, or outdoor activity. It has a PPG (photoplethysmography) sensor that will continue to record and measure a person’s heart rate throughout any activity. This will help anyone monitor and check themselves while they work. They will be able to adjust their pace if they want to achieve their goal for the day. Or take a break if they’re exerting too much energy.


It comes with a fitness app
The Biosensor earbuds can be connected to a mobile fitness app that will help assess data and achieve any fitness goals set by the user. They will be able to see and track their heart rate and temperature here, as well as other data like the number of steps, number of calories burned, posture condition, and stress levels. All of this crucial information will help the user monitor their performance and health.


This mobile fitness app is also equipped with a Fitness/Sports mode that offers various exercises. Once the user selects an exercise, it will activate the voice coach to guide them through an efficient workout. This is one intelligent way of achieving a better quality of life with Biosensor TWS


It has voice coaching
The SOLUM Biosensor also comes with a voice coaching algorithm. This built-in fitness voice coach will analyze a person’s gait, posture, and workout performance. It will coach a person through their training session or workout based on the goal set on the mobile app. This means a person will have a chance to immerse themselves in their session and be smarter with how they move or train.


It helps people avoid injuries
These earbuds plus the software not only help people keep in shape but also help users avoid injuries. This is because the Biosensor TWS monitors posture as well. With a 3-axis accelerometer sensor, it analyzes body tilt and movement and constantly reminds the user to correct their forms. Injuries and complications can then be avoided, and users can stay healthy and efficient throughout the workout.


It has accurate biosensing
SOLUM also made sure that the Biosensor TWS has accurate measuring capabilities. The PPG sensor utilizes 3 LEDs and Motion Artifact Cancellation Technology to remove any signals from the body and ensure a strong and undistorted interface between the sensor and the skin.


Achieving better quality of life with Biosensor TWS is possible. And it is the ideal companion for every activity. From running to yoga to weightlifting, hiking, or every gym session, this pair of earbuds can keep you healthy and safe, and help you work towards an active lifestyle.


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