Top 10 Benefits of Using a Pet Tracker

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Pet Tracker

Should you get your dog or cat a pet tracker? This question must have crossed your mind hundreds of times now. Especially since taking care of pets can be a demanding task. These furry friends need love and care, and they need your full attention as well. This is where a pet tracker comes in.

If you’re wondering what is pet tracker, the answer is simple. These are location-tracking devices for pets, so you can check their whereabouts at any given moment. An example is SOLUM Group’s Smart Tag.

SOLUM Smart Tag for pets makes it easier for owners, guardians, and pet sitters to keep track of pets wherever or whenever they may be. Whether it be dogs or cats, the SOLUM Smart Tag can easily be attached to your pets. Once activated and set up on the SmartThings App, the possibilities are endless for pet owners. Here are the features of the SOLUM Smart Tag as a pet tracker:


  • 80m Area Coverage
  • Buzz to Locate Function
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Connection
  • Low-key and Stylish
  • Hangable Design
  • 10-month Battery Life
  • Smaller than other tracker tags
  • Wide variety of specialized attachments
  • SmartThings App Connectivity


If you’re still not fully convinced about getting a pet tracker, you should know that its advantages are too significant to ignore. Here are 10 benefits of using a pet tracker like the SOLUM Smart Tag.


1. Daily walks and outdoor explorations are safer
Walking your dogs or cats and allowing them to explore the outside world is important for their health. However, these also lead to missing pets. Some are naturally curious, some might get spooked easily, and some might get over-excited and run away. A pet tracker can show you your pet’s location anywhere, and reassure you that they are in no immediate danger.


2. Find your lost or missing pet faster
Unfortunately for pet owners, lost or missing pets are an occurrence. In a 2020 study, it was reported that about 14% of dogs and 15% of cats strayed at least once during the past five years. They also mentioned that in the United States, the number of lost owned pets that end up in shelters every year is 5 to 7 million.

A pet tracker like the SOLUM Smart Tag allows you to track and find your pets in case they go missing. About 33% of lost cats are found within a week, while the recovery time for lost dogs is about two days. You’ll have a much easier and faster time finding your pets if they have a reliable tracker. This also goes for stolen pets, pets who were frightened and hid away, and those who escaped the yard and ran.


3. Pets are safe even when you’re traveling
Traveling with your pets is also an exciting time. You get to bond with your dog or cat, explore new places together, and try new things together like a family. However, you should also remember that traveling to new places and unfamiliar cities is also risky for your pets. A pet tracker can be a lifeline and safety measure for your pets as you travel together.


4. Learn about your pet’s behavior and activities
Pet trackers are also a good way to learn about your pet’s behavior and activities. You can find out if your pets frequent a specific place when they’re roaming the yard. You also have the chance to know where your pets go if they’re afraid or stressed. And you can know if your pets have favorite places to go on your daily walks. All this data will allow you to care for your pets properly.


5. It’s a good choice for people with multiple pets
If you have multiple pets, then a pet tracker should definitely be a necessity. It might get harder for you to keep track of them, especially when out on walks or in an unfamiliar place. The SOLUM Smart Tag, for example, connects you to the SmartThings App, which will show you your pets; real-time locations. You can connect multiple tags and track multiple pets on one device.


6. It allows you to give your pet more freedom
Using trackers like the SOLUM Smart Tag gives your pet a lot more freedom. You can let your dogs roam big yards without any restrictions. They can also feel more free and active when in parks, farms, pet cafes, pet-friendly workplaces, and more. The same is true for outdoor cats and adventurous cats who like to roam around. With a pet tracker, you can be sure where they are at all times and allow them to roam or play as much as they want.


7. It’s comfortable for your pets
If your hesitance comes from worrying about your pet’s discomfort, you don’t need to worry about that much longer. Trackers like the SOLUM Smart Tag are easy to attach to pets. It also has a lightweight design, which makes it smaller than other tracker tags. This means your pets won’t be weighed down or irritated by the tag.


8. It allows you to detect any health issues
Having a pet tracker also gives you a chance to detect any health issues among your pets. For example, there are a couple of common medical problems that masquerade as bad behavior among pets.

Pets who keep to the living room and use the carpet as their personal toilet might have lower urinary tract and systemic issues. Meanwhile, pets who keep licking floors and walls around the house, couches, and more might have gastrointestinal issues. Bad habits like these might present as an underlying health condition, but a pet tracker can help you observe your pets more.


9. Your pet sitters can use it
If you’re going away for a vacation or a business trip where pets are not allowed, then you will need the help of pet sitters. Fortunately, pet sitters can also use your pet’s tracker. They can easily download the SmartThings App, use your ID, and connect to your pet’s SOLUM Smart Tag. Now, they can use this to track and take care of your pet while you’re away. They can share your pet’s location to inform you about their whereabouts and activities at any time. And you can be reassured that your pets are in good hands.


10. It gives you peace of mind
Last but not least, the SOLUM Smart Tag as a pet tracker can give you all the peace of mind you need. More often than not, people treat pets as a part of their families. When pets are lost, scared, or in danger, people worry for them. Having a reliable pet tracker will put your mind at ease, no matter where you are. Whether you and your pet are at home, at the outdoor pet park, at the mall, or at the office, you’ll always have a way to be with your pets.

Pets are more than just pets, and it’s not unusual to have to take extra precautions to keep these furry companions safe. Get SOLUM Smart Tags for your pets now!

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