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XXL All Sports United is a fast-growing Norwegian sporting goods retailer with chains of brick-and-mortar stores and online shops. The company has several active branches in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Austria, as well as e-commerce in Denmark. It offers famous brands of sports gear, apparel, and accessories.


One of XXL’s Arninge stores in Stockholm, Sweden was in need of a means to operate the store more efficiently, which the store managers found in the concept of electronic shelf labels (ESL).

According to Johan Ljung, XXL’s VP of Strategy & Business Development, their two major reasons for considering using ESL are to give employees more time for customer service and to be able to have centralized control over the prices of the products.




A batch of SOLUM’s Newton ESL was deployed and installed at XXL’s Arninge store and the positive effect was immediate.

Through the ESL, the price update system was digitized and centralized, making the process more accurate and less time-consuming. Back when they still used paper shelf labels, they have to wait for the newly printed prices to arrive before their employees can manually replace the shelf labels. Now, whenever the headquarters change the price of a product, the new price will appear on the ESL screen displays, on the website, and on the cashier in real-time.

Additionally, since the ESL eliminated the long process of manually replacing old price labels with new ones, the employees now have more time in their hands to attend to customers. Workshop Manager Dennis Fagerström expressed how this time-saving opportunity enhanced the store’s customer service and increased customer satisfaction.

XXL All Sports United believes that the gains they acquire from installing in ESL are worth the investment, as they estimated that they could expect returns in just two years.  

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