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Sunka is a store based in Lleida, Spain which offers goods including fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood, canned goods, and wines. It is operated by supermarket chain Supsa Supermercats Pujol SL, a renowned company in the Catalonia area since 1970. 



Because Sunka is a very new store, Sara Guiu Villanueva from Supsa Supermercats Pujol’s Department of Marketing and Communication wanted Sunka to offer consumers a new concept of premium shopping experience. Sunka’s customer service and store layout are both designed in a way that will help the shoppers choose the best product for their needs, but the store operators decided that Sunka needed a little bit more than just quality products and services to ensure boosting their sales.



SOLUM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels’ (ESL) clear and multi-page display allows Sunka to feed its consumers with all the information they need in making purchasing decisions, and its sophisticated modern design matches the store’s ambiance. 

Villanueva also noted how they are able to put labels on every part of the store including the freezers due to Newton’s ability to withstand cold environments, as well as how they were able to provide a higher level of shopping experience because they now can put article links on the labels.

Store Manager Hector Corpa related how happy the store employees are because the Newton labels eliminated the time and effort spent on manually replacing paper labels. The wide variety of template designs in Aims software allows them to update the labels’ content digitally and quickly, giving the employees more time to do important tasks around the store.

Innovation and Projects Director Carles Hurtado expressed delight in working with the Newton ESL. According to Hurtado, the digital labels make integration with other shopping systems easier, opening doors to several projects that elevated the customer shopping experience. 

With SOLUM’s Newton labels, Sunka is on its way to becoming one of Lleida’s premium supermarkets.

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