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ShopRite is a North American retailer’s cooperative of supermarkets that has been operating in the United States since 1946. It consists of 300 stores across six states, and recently the store owners and operators of the ShopRite store in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, decided to innovate their branch into a Newton-powered supermarket with almost 40,000 electronic shelf labels (ESL).




SRS Store Coordinator Joanne Lempka and SRS Wakefern Regional Manager Michele Anderson were looking for ways to digitize the store operations and upgrade all their price labels. With the vast array of products in the supermarket including wet and dry goods, ShopRite Matamoras required reliable electronic shelf labels in different shapes and sizes.




Because Newton ESL is available in different sizes from 1.6 inches to 11 inches, the SOLUM America Team was able to install labels to all the shelves, the ends, the wings, and even hang ESL on clips. With Newton’s waterproof feature, shelves in the wet goods and fish and meat sections were also installed with digital labels.


Lempka and Anderson expressed their delight in how efficiently SOLUM America Team did the ESL deployment. Lempka noted the team’s capability of solving any issue they came across during the installation. Anderson is very glad that their crew would no longer need to manually update hundreds of paper shelf labels since multiple Newton ESL can be updated automatically.


ShopRite Matamoras is the second ShopRite store that made a partnership with SOLUM. Both ShopRite and SOLUM are looking forward to installing Newton ESL in other ShopRite branches as the supermarket brand strives to be future-ready.

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