Rogers has chosen SOLUM as its ESL provider for its growing telecommunications business since its acquisition of Fido. Rogers leverages SOLUM's cloud server platform as it comes at a competitive price and offers the same advantages as other server solutions proposed by SOLUM while freeing customers from the hassle of having to maintain and secure their own ESL server infrastructure.



In 2019, Rogers and Fido were looking for a solution provider that could help them unlock the full potential of a highly innovative ESL system for their telecommunications chain stores.

While it was important to get the shelf labels customized to the colors of their respective brands, they were especially interested in installing a cloud-based ESL solution, which could easily be integrated into the IT infrastructure already in place, thus allowing them to have a fully-automated operation for pricing and product information labeling.

Since Canadian law imposes language regulations for specific regions regarding product information, the displays had to also be capable of displaying bilingual information in English and French to the customers.



For Rogers and Fido, the digitization of their store operations through SOLUM´s ESL system turned out to be a huge success. For Rogers and Fido, the shelf labels were customized to red and yellow respectively, thus meeting their brand identity requirements.

The legal obligations imposed by Canadian law could also be met since SOLUM ESL´s allow for the bilingual display of price and product information. In fact, they even allow for up to seven screens to be displayed, and if needed, in different languages. They also come packed with enterprise-ready software, that can be easily installed onto almost any existing server infrastructure

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