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Markthalle Krefeld Real

KREFELD, which sells a variety of electronic products and operates 70 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg, has been operating SOLUM 3-color ESL since 2017 to gain an edge over the competition with online stores.



With a wide range of electronic products, KREFEL has decided to introduce SOLUM ESL in order to gain a competitive advantage over online stores. The main requirement was to provide a real-time price update system and a product line-up that effectively delivers various product and promotional information.

With SOLUM’s display driver IC design experience and in-house manufacturing capacity, we provided a variety of 3-color graphical ESLs to display promotion information effectively.

The ESLs included NFC function for shoppers to have another medium to receive additional product information and the ability to send discount coupons through their mobile phone.

For the server, SOLUM offered a system server with capabilities to provide high-speed data transmission with a 2Mbps data rate, meeting REAL’s main requirement for a real-time price update.



By implementing SOLUM ESL, KREFEL has succeeded to build a stable and fast update system and was able to gain a competitive edge in the online stores through real-time price updates.

In addition, 3-color ESL with NFC function helped to increase sales by providing a better shopping experience. KREFELD is continuing in the process of expanding SOLUM ESL to the rest of its stores.

Following Markthalle Krefeld´s successful testing of ESL´s in their daily operations, around 30 REAL supermarkets have been equipped with ESL technology so far, with all of them signaling positive effects.

As a result of all the overwhelming experiences Markthalle Krefeld has had with the introduction of ESL technology, it does not want to miss out on it anymore; neither do the employees nor the clients. 

In regards to value-for-money delivered, technological prowess, and the amount of dedication shown towards supporting the retail industry, cooperation with SOLUM was deemed excellent by the company and could well be repeated in the future.

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