To mark its 70th year, Kotsovolos and its parent company, Dixons Carphone, have finally made a move to apply electronic shelf labels in their stores, choosing SOLUM as their trusted partner in this integral part of their digital transformation.



Kotsovolos and Dixons were looking for a solution that can reduce their staff hours allocated for changing paper labels for every item on display in their stores.

At the same time, they also need a labeling system that can effectively display the specifications of their products, which can also serve as a sales tool for their store personnel. 

Lastly, they were looking for an advanced ESL solution that can boost the ambiance inside their stores - which is part of their innovation program that is to provide next-level customer service and interactivity to their customers. 



SOLUM's shelf labeling system accelerated Kotsolovos' overall operations, including improving customer service and providing a more convenient customer journey, as well as supplying a more efficient and data-driven practice to replace manual processes, improving productivity by a whopping seven percent.

With this success in their Kotsovolos stores, Dixons now have their sights set to start bringing ESLs to the entire Greek market.

SOLUM Marketing


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