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SOLUM, in partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (GCS), successfully digitized the operations of the Carrefour City store in Ville-d’Avray, Paris, France, with the implementation of Newton electronic shelf labels and an advance point-of-sale solution customized for the store’s digital transformation’s initiative.




The particular Carrefour City store in the heart of Paris had been renovated and the next step considered to modernize the in-store experience is to implement a new electronic shelf label solution that would allow them to achieve real-time dynamic pricing, and that are compact and minimal in design to match their store branding.

In addition, they also required an efficient point-of-sale system that can automate their pricing process. The system must also be configured to match the store’s unique pricing procedures, and must be able to update the prices on the labels in real-time as needed.



With the all-new Newton digital label being applied across all sections of the store, the massive improvements that SOLUM shelf labels’ deliver is too significant not to notice. Newton’s update speed meant that this newly revamped Carrefour City store could change the product prices across their stores at a much faster rate, allowing them to develop a more sophisticated dynamic pricing strategy that helps them stay competitive within their market vicinity.

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