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Buenting Group, one of the biggest trading companies in Germany, has chosen SOLUM as one of its digital retail transformation partners with the implementation of Newton labels across their Famila Markt chain of hypermarkets.



Buenting collaborated with SOLUM to implement a new breed of electronic shelf labels across their hypermarkets in the region. In combination with ESL technology, Buenting has been adopting various technologies, such as self-scanning, self-checkout, and store mobile apps in order to provide their customers with a convenient and high-tech shopping experience.


In addition, Buenting also required a system that will allow them to centrally manage all electronic shelf labels in one place and has the capacity to support label updates multiple times a day. A pilot test was decided to verify the system performance and the benefits of SOLUM’s new electronic shelf labels.



Buenting decided to run a pilot project in its Syke store with SOLUM’s Newton label. SOLUM has Buenting helped to recover ROI quickly by building a implementing an electronic shelf label solution that compliments their other technologies.

SOLUM has proven its leadership by providing an ESL solution that can work hand in hand with self-scanning and self-checkout technologies in Famila Markt. Achieving a successful and seamless installation in Syke store, SOLUM now powers 25 more Famila Markt stores across Germany.  

With the SOLUM ESL, Buenting is increasing sales and building its image as a future-oriented retail company. Today, Buenting is pushing ESL expansion to its other retail companies with a strong partnership with SOLUM.

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