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Looking to further reduce its dependency on paper and curb food waste, Bon Preu turned to SOLUM, which shares its client's environmental concerns.



Bon Preu seeks the creation of wealth in the short and long term with the intention to help the sustainable development of the environment in which they conduct their business, through the application of ethical business standards.

This entails among other things the promotion of local quality products, the selling of fair-trade products to aid the third world, and the building of supermarkets in a sustainable and eco-efficient way.



With SOLUM's ESL technology, Bon Preu Group is now able to improve their sustainability efforts by cutting off a large portion of their paper consumption through digital labeling systems. 

This also applies to its new store in Granollers, which required an investment of 17 million euros to be built. Compared to more traditional and less eco-efficient stores, it allows for energy savings by up to 35 % and a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 40 %. With electronic shelf labels in place, the supermarket chain can expect a lesser carbon footprint for years to come. 

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