High-Tech Solutions for High-tech Mobile Shops

Take your store to whole new level

It’s time to take your mobile shop to the next level! People go to mobile shops to switch to a more updated device. Mobile shops should set an example for their customers by updating their store equipment, operations, and customer service methods. Fortunately, ESLs by SOLUM are designed to solve such needs.

Struggling with
outdated store operations?

As electronic stores, mobile shops need to align their facilities and services with their technology-related branding. A mobile shop selling high-tech devices cannot use outdated means of the store operation. They need to adapt to the modern needs of the modern consumer.

Additionally, outdated store operation methods and equipment can lead to waste of time, effort, and business costs, as well as hinder the shops from achieving omnichannel fulfillment.

Insufficient means to pursue omnichannel goals
Waste of time and effort while updating paper shelf labels
Lack of modern methods to make manual tasks efficient

If yes, replace paper shelf label with ESL!

An innovative way to make store efficient

ESL solution for mobile shops

Serve your customers with

digitized shelf labels

interactive signage

more productive staff

Monitor all activities

with a single dashboard!

From a single dashboard, monitor employee activity with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

Minimize human error

with one app

Accurate monitoring and management of inventories, big data analysis, and other applications minimize human error.

Reinvent your business

with NFC

Deliver an enhanced capability to the users in a convenient and familiar ESL technology from enabling cashless payments and paperless attendance tracking.

Smarter Operations with ESL

With our digital labels, you can make your mobile shop more interactive and enticing for your customers!

Fast Data Update Speed

ESLs guarantee a data update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Updating product prices is digitized and automated and can be controlled from a central main server.

NFC-ready for Omnichannel Fulfillment

As an active NFC, ESLs can enable smart in-store shopping, as well as employee ID cards or even room tags. As a passive NFC, ESLs can record data from existing NFC cards and devices used by the business.

Information Sharing

Whether it’s for displaying prices, product information, inventory status, or manufacturing instructions, you can rely on our ESLs high-resolution e-paper technology to show the information you want to share with your customers and staff with clarity. products or assets.

Take your business to the next level.

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